[1286] “Grand Theft Auto” Cash Deposit Bag Picked

פורסם בתאריך 8 מאי 2021

Do you need a cash/document bag? They don’t provide much protection, but you’re always better off with a higher quality product: amzn.to/3vRDs7S (Amazon Affiliate link).

Video Setup

So many of you have asked about my video setup... well, this is what I use. All links below are Amazon Affiliate.

Microphone- amzn.to/2QO9CCj
Lights (5,800k setting used)- amzn.to/3aTqz5p
Light Mounts- amzn.to/3vzHB05
Camera- amzn.to/3xO4iQn
Camera Clamp- amzn.to/3eK9o7r
Camera Mount- amzn.to/334fCcD
Clamps for Camera \u0026 Light Mounts- amzn.to/2SfIqwF
Background- amzn.to/2PHg4L5


  • How does the bag hold up to a pocket knife?

  • Ik quite curious if it could also out do most "slash resistant" bags

  • A promotional product that isn't trash, very nice

  • That is the coolest key I've ever seen

  • I've had my key from the collectors edition hanging from my rear view mirror for the past 8 years

  • GTA5 bag vs LPL….. *BUSTED*

  • But what if I use this on the bag ✂️🗡⚔

  • This is like surgery but for locks “I can feel it’s number 6”

  • The fact they've attached a print with thread makes me worry about this bag's slash or stab resistance.

  • Remember fallout76 shitty collectables?

  • soon to be come in gta

  • I got the special edition of GTA IV for the bank deposit box that I replaced the lock on with a mailbox lock. Love that thing.

  • How slash resistant is this bag?

  • If it was not a collectors item, I would like to see how much it is resistant to slash or stab attacks.

  • 1:49 "In any case" I see what you did there

  • I got the collectors edition, never received this. Must be from something else.

  • "a wafer core that took some skill to open" Still processing *that* sentence.

  • The incredible literature peroperatively wonder because tax contradictorily comb minus a tightfisted fighter. stupid, inquisitive asia

  • A CE item for a game, and he didn't use a rake to open it. It is better quality that thought

  • i completely forgot i own this exact bag. ive never used it for anything serious but its certainly a cool item to own.

  • Is the bag 'slash resistant' tho

  • I was hoping LPL would put a knife through that fabric attached to the chain because it seemed flimsy.

  • I had this! Unfortunately the lock broke after many uses, but it was a great little bag!

  • Is it more slash resistant than the slash resistant bags? That would be my only question really :)

  • Super glad that he didn't cut the bag, which is a Collector's Edition Item o3o (probably knew that it wouldn't hold up to a knife XD)

  • is there a video where you disassemble a wafer lock? I would like to see the mechanism. Thank you

  • had this bag, easier way to get in is push a pen into the middle of the zipper and itll open up

  • Lol

  • Now I know how to open my collectable if I ever lose the key thanx LPL

  • I had a cash bag like this before and when I lost the key I took a knife and cut the stitches out of the bottom and it came right open the bag was advertised as cut resistant fireproof waterproof but they used regular thread to stitch the bottom of the bag instead of having a seamless design lol

  • Lester Approves.

  • Stealy wheely automobiley

  • I'd just cut it open

  • Is it cut resistant?

  • If I can't get a lock or safe open, I'll just send to LPL to get the job done quick lol

  • When a GTA bag has better security than Cayo Perico

  • Love that I have one of these.

  • I really thought he'd cut the bag at the end

  • I have this bag lol

  • Not testing slash resistance? :P

  • 5-26-21 Master Lock Employee: Sir Master Lock CEO: What is it? Employee: LockPickingLawyer has shown a Bank Deposit Lock with a Wafer Core that required picking. CEO: Who created it? Abus? ERA? A Chinese Company? Employee: No. Rockstar Games. CEO: F***. Employee: The Worst Part is that it was a Promotional Item for GTA V. CEO: Double F***.

  • i have this bag lol imma try this

  • While not an actually useful security bag, as it's not exactly slash-proof or anything, I'm kind of shocked as well. I mean, I lost mine to an uncle who found out I had two grand in savings in mine, which was then spent on meth. Thanks, Uncle, now get me a new bag, please.

  • (Here after video 1281) I'm pretty sure it'd be much easier to just cut through the material.

  • Can you cut it open?!?

  • Lmao, I used to have one of these things.

  • When a video game promo bag impresses LPL more then anything Master made

  • bice

  • I find it funny that a novelty item gives you more issues than an actual product being sold to keep things safe

  • How long for a knife tho

  • I got a lockbox as a bonus with a game once. I can "pick" it with my fingernail.

  • I'm just here for the comments.

  • The best part of your videos is when you explain your toolsset as it sounds so foreign loll

  • Lester when see this... Lester : "I think i need to hire this man"

  • Sounds like a dentist talking to his assistant...

  • I was hoping to see the knife again.

  • I was waiting for him to pull the knife out on it.

  • St. Peter: Let me just check if your name's on the list LockPickingLawyer: Two is binding...

  • I have one of these! Willing to sell if anyone's interested! Shoot me a reply.

  • 👍😎🍺🍩

  • But is it slash-resistant? 👀

  • Couldn't you just cut through the bag with a box cutter or knife?

  • PP Intensified

  • Yes but you probably got 4 stars in doing so. That's the real trick!


  • Is it just me or these lock picking videos are oddly satisfying?

  • If you were less skilled, your videos could be so much longer. Thanks!!

  • Damn I must have been so close to the 3M subscriber

  • Why would someone out a lock on a pouch can't you just cut it open

  • I didn't know I could pick LPL for my heist crew

  • So why don't they make locks have super high torque resistance? I want to not even bother mentioning the obvious slight key change so don't anyone say something about the key breaking or hard to twist open because that is not the reason why.

  • Quite the turn from the safe deposit box that came with GTA 4. While it's a perfectly fine metal box, the lock can be "picked" with a turning tool, or a pocket knife.

  • Ok folks

  • Can you cut it?

  • Thought you was taking a knife to that bag. So glade the bag survived lol.

  • Isn't it easier to cut these kinds of bags in real life?


  • I can also tell, just by looking at the key, that it is identical to the one I have.

  • If I was trying to open it I would just cut the bag open

  • He did not do it once again, so it was a fluke

  • I’m surprised that this bag is better than a Masterlock 😂

  • When you put a lock on a bag made of fragile and easy to cut materials...even its a GTA thing. Dude, the locker wont do anything there...cause i can just grab a knife and cut open the thing. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  • Lockpickinglawyer in gta 6 confirmed

  • Mission complete +RESPECT

  • I still have this bag

  • Jesus Loves all of you guys

  • You make this look too easy..you are very skilled my friend, good for you.

  • "Ah shit, here we go again."

  • Lol, where’s the knife

  • Could just cut it open with a knife right?

  • Tip: you can also use the included key to open the lock!

  • I picture LPL playing GTA multiplayer and raging every once in a while

  • I was worried he was going to give it the knife! 🔪🔪

  • So you look at the key to have an advantage for the pick. If you're so good, why not take the more difficult challenge?

  • I think you could still cut through it though, so that lock there should be useless

  • I would love if LPL did a video on the picks like what each of them are like the 1800 or 2500 things like that

  • "A punch above its weight" Is that in reference to weight classes in wrestling?

  • That was a compliment, a novelty item for a game is more practical than some of the products that get literally destroyed on this channel. Amazing

  • Novelty bag lock better than the entire master lock line

  • Can you brake it