[1285] Abus Bordo Lite Folding Bike Lock Picked (Model 6055)

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Here is the referenced video picking the Border 6500: [1023] The Heavyweight Champion of Folding Bike Locks Picked (Abus Bordo 6500) ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/vZysm5xop5TJpXo

If this is a product you may be interested in purchasing, consider using this Amazon Affiliate link: amzn.to/3vBpze3 Personally, I prefer it’s beefier and more pick resistant brother, the Bordo 6500: amzn.to/2QRL8s2

Video Setup

So many of you have asked about my video setup... well, this is what I use. All links below are Amazon Affiliate.

Microphone- amzn.to/2QO9CCj
Lights (5,800k setting used)- amzn.to/3aTqz5p
Light Mounts- amzn.to/3vzHB05 Camera- amzn.to/3xO4iQn
Camera Clamp- amzn.to/3eK9o7r
Camera Mount- amzn.to/334fCcD
Clamps for Camera \u0026 Light Mounts- amzn.to/2SfIqwF
Background- amzn.to/2PHg4L5


  • Oh thats now the resson they changed some things arround the same time 😂 this thing Costs nesrly the same as ZEG special Edition of the Bordo Level 10

  • Does anyone know when they will be releasing their second round of Detainer picks?

  • 0:28 I mean, at least the only way to go is up.

  • I'd be more interested in the combination lock variant of the ABUS Bordo Lite, since it is trying good to prevent picking.

  • You should really try the "alarm" model Abus sells of these folding lock, the 6000A, or one of the U-locks with the same function. Try picking one without sounding the alarm. I don't think regular locks are much of a challenge for you anymore!

  • Please do some kind of promotional video where you break out of a prison I think it would be so cool that it might take you 15 minutes😅

  • This is like Tiger Woods scoring a hole in one on a par 3 and then saying that the hole location was too easy. I find it hard to believe there are many world class lock pickers looking to steal bikes. Give poor Abus a break lol. Disclosure, I don't work in the lock undustry.

  • fun fact, in germany this is a perfectly fine lock to use for your bike since having a lock alone is enough for 95% of potential thieves to be scared off of stealing your bike, they will literally just look for the next bike that has no lock at all

  • So is he a lawyer for his own well being or does he use it to get into stuff during cases?

  • Meh - i think the lock is OKish for the price. You wont find LPL-alikes everywhere.

  • Is there a video where you explain the termonoligy you use? p.e. "drop in to false set", "x is binding", "counter rotation" and so on. I love that you are commenting what you experience, but i'd like to understand what you are meaning.

  • I think that we all can agree that after seeing this man's videos we are terrified of how easy can be openend our locked doors.

  • Mother in law lock.

  • 👍😎🍺🍩

  • When I lock my bike using the Abus 540 if I am in an unknown area I also use a disc brake alarm. I don't think picking sets these off, but I'm kinda curious and, well, it would be fun to watch you play the adult version of Operation. (www.amazon.com/HAO-MALL-Anti-Theft-Motorcycle-Waterproof/dp/B07X32YZYL/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=disc+bike+alarm&qid=1620949440&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-4).

  • Its alright for me, my main method of bike security is living in a city where almost everyone drives bikes, and half of them aren't even locked up

  • Lockpicking Finland style: ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/tKRjo2eq15SXlnI

  • can you pick this ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/0Id-xJ9_26Cwj5g

  • This is the kind of lock you put on your bike of you are putting your bike next to other bikes so the thief says "meh that one isnt worth it"

  • I bet tying up your bike with rope would confuse a thief and thereby offer more protection from cafe theft. A guy might carry a grinder or bolt cutters but neglect to bring a pocket knife.

  • Gona get one of these locks for my ebike i am a food driver for wolt and need a fast lock i am not away from my bike more then a few minutes so its perfect just so nobody comes by and hops on it and steels it 😃

  • Thanks for sharing

  • Made in Germany.

  • The comments about that movie website that have invaded your comment section (including the second comment agreeing with it) are spam/scam. You can Google it "SITENAME ILaward" to see. You might want to block them using ILaward's block feature.

  • Abus reserves lower security ratings for masterlock.

  • Damm that's considered a lite lock?

  • "experienced picker"?? I hope he doesn't consider himself an "experienced picker". He is well beyond a God-tier picker

  • I just write on my bike, "I'm from Sicily". For some reason no one even touches the bike...

  • After 15 months or so of watching LPL I'm like "Well yeah at least it can't be jiggled or raked...medium-low but I've seen a LOT worse here"

  • Basically, this is really only good for leaving the bike in a public location where a thief would be spotted before they could pick it. Still useful, but not great security. I wouldn't leave a bike in a secluded alleyway with this securing it.

  • Wanna see he try the Zor X gun lock

  • anyone care to explain what does "false set (?)" means?

  • 30 seconds for LPL is still a decent effort from the lock considering it's the smallest least secure in the lineup

  • Hello, well done and thanks for your videos! In case you read comments: Have you heard of the Tex lock bike lock? www.tex-lock.com/en/ Could you maybe test it? Thank you!!

  • Please tell us which the most secure (in your opinion - from your experience) bike lock is, please. PLEASE.

  • Worst Abus lock, with 'low security' spool pins, is still much, much better than any premium Masterlock.

  • Would be fun to see you take on the kidde lock box. I opened it using a marker.

  • If it's not that cut resistant then I guess it's not hardened that well right?

  • I would like to see LPL picking a lock attached to a storage unit, at a non-flat angle, during a rain storm. I think these “real world scenarios” would make it much more difficult to pick locks.

  • Can you unlock my girlfriends phone. Thanks in advance !

  • The longer it takes to see the stuff lock the more hyped I am it'll be difficult

  • meanwhile on LPL facebook market and gumtree: bicycles for sale

  • I've heard of a bicycle anti-theft device that perhaps even LPL wouldn't want to tackle. In England a guy saw a bicycle with what appeared to be a used condom pulled over the nose of the saddle.

  • I would like to see you bypass a gravity lock like the ones they use on dumpsters

  • What’s a good but small and cheap safe I should I buy that you recommend

  • What is the safest lock you've encountered? Ever not been able to pick a lock?

  • who else gets anxious everytime lpl uploads cause they think it’s the stuff made here lock ?

  • He is locks' Jerry rigs everything

  • He wouldn't stop until all locks unlocked.

  • When will you pick the stuff made here lock

  • This guy at escape rooms must be insane!

  • Have you ever encountered a lock you could not beat?

  • I would like to see a lock actually aproved by The Lawyer

  • I bet when a lock company sees a video only about 2 min long on your channel they get nervous haha

  • Thumbnail looks too cheap to be trusted

  • I really need you in my D&D campaign

  • Damn, i'm learning how to be a thief with all these video's that I watch.

  • Just waiting for the stuff made here video.

  • Tbh..even your time would be long enough to run over and take you out from behind with my trusty hammah.

  • When will we get a video about Stuff made here's homemade unpickable lock?

  • ❗ATTENTION ❗ Today,hide your locks,let your doors and windows open,the Lock picking Demon is coming.

  • Imaging opening this in real environment, which may mean in the street, with possible witnesses around. And if you put this lock facing down on the bike side, you might be in not the most comfortable position to pick it.

  • What about software locks Bluetooth?

  • Do you have any recommendations for a house door lock?

  • Hey there! So, i was curious, are you planning on releasing a presentation of your lock collection? XD

  • I guess the only Lock he can't pick is the Lockdown

  • For $50, this is a pretty good product. Unless you got something real flashy and expensive, this definitely won't get picked on the streets.

  • Could you please test LOB TANTAL XT KT610 - Polish lock.

  • Day 1 of asking when the video with the lock from Stuff made here will be made

  • It’s crazy that you say if you have any questions or comments about this, put them below. But people rarely ever ask you questions about the locks and you rarely respond to the comments. Just interesting

  • Is anyone else just waiting on him to make the video on the “impossible lock” made by Stuff Made Here

  • Chat you know after watching LPL over this last year I have come to realize two things..first being I can never secure anything I own including my house with any 🔐 known to man and second being 🔐 are a bigger scam that the apple tech guys😏😏

  • You should test if thermite really does melt through any lock like it does in Breaking Bad.

  • Most videos on your chanel are like: counting with LPL

  • Do thieves still pick locks?

  • Your actually the LockPickingLegend

  • Hi i just bought Lockitt 88A Trailer Camper Coupler Latch Lock - Made in USA if you ever can do a video on it, and see if it's any good thanks for the good videos

  • I found this short LPL video BORDO.

  • Has he made a video on what he considers the most secure motorcycle lock?

  • Just received my lock picking tools in the mail today and picked open my first Master Lock. Tried to doing it again to ensure it wasn't a fluke. And it was. Need to practice some more.

  • False set! Everyone take a shot (My new drinking game)

  • So how about that StuffMadeHere lock?

  • As an outsider looking in at picking locks, how does the grip on the covert companion compare to a standard pick? How much are you compromising to have all the tools in one bundle?

  • I'd like to watch you pick a lock with just hair pins 😁🙈🙈🙈

  • A sincere question: do you dream in keyways?

  • How have I watched countless LPL only to find out I wasn't subbed.....at least that's rectified now.

  • Dad always said locks only keep honest people out. I think I finally know what he means.

  • Someone send this guy an EDM machined lock where all pins bind if he tensions the barrel

  • These videos should be taken down. How is this legal to show how to steal???? Your literally giving tutorials to theifs

  • When will you finally review The Stuff lock made by that youtuber...

  • This makes me confident in it not being picked on the street.

  • Greetings, long time fan. I watch you as well as two other channels I enjoy. I've been able to pick every lock that I've bought at Walmart. Some of them Brinks locks that claim to be high security. I dont Know really anything about the best methods to pick or bypass car door locks, could make a video about the methods you use if someone keys are locked in please? Thanks!

  • $50

  • Wave rake not present in the video, i think 7/15 is honest score.

  • Anyone else waiting for the Stuff Made Here episode?!

  • I just got locked out of my house because my brother closed the fence with the lock and I forgot my keys. How do I know what tool to buy in case it happens again? @LockPickingLawyer its a Fasslock keylock


  • Should be called: ABUST

  • Could have been a fluke!

  • Is the last section of the chain better than on the Abus Bordo Lite model 6050 (featured in video 400), where it's just an unhardened 6 mm wire? It looks that way, but I can't see it clearly on the video.