[1284] 1990’s GE Internet Lock Picked

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  • Man can u imagine picking this back when it would of been used. you would feel like a master thief

  • This is similar to the chicken-or-egg problem... "What was first? The chicken or the egg?" "You want to watch LPL videos, but you cant watch them until you see a LPL video on how to open the internet lock."

  • Trying to call 911 in the 90's was like: "get the key from behind the stove!!! fast!!!"

  • that’s one of the most 90s things I’ve ever seen


  • Rusty Shackleford... Dammit Dale!

  • Is there a way to turn the lock back to the locked position without the key?... If as a child one left the lock in the "open" position with parents like mine, they'd notice I was up to trouble

  • at 1:40 my whole body braced for a VPN ad

  • Also Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself

  • Unless your in a city or on a phone plan. Your using a wired modem connection that you can wifi off. So would still be handy. Lol

  • I never seen one

  • When my parents wanted to leave me without internet access they just took the modem with them to their job lol


  • You could open this with a fucking paperclip

  • Nooo! Don't lock my internet!

  • Detach the plate and connect the wire. All you need is a screwdriver.

  • where were you 25 years ago

  • thats why my friends are not allowed to have picks

  • 👍😎🍺🍩

  • The lock itself should still work with anything up to current ADSL lines, things are starting to change a bit now with a lot more fiberoptic going directly to homes as well as fixed wireless, but in general, assuming your kids or whoever else your trying to lock out of the internet doesn't just have a smartphone with 3g/4g/5g internet access, this would still work to some extent today, ignoring its security flaws obviously. Broadband over the last few decades hasn't really changed much on the home or even state infrastructure level, its all been using most of the same copper from dialup and regular phone connections, we've just learned how to use use that copper more effectively to transmit data at higher speeds, with that comes more sensitivity to things like interference, so its possible something like this lock could cause issues with a broadband connection, but based on some of the dodgy wiring jobs I've done on connections in a rush before, it'll probably still work fine.

  • You'd think a little bit of plastic blocking the port would've been a good call...

  • lmaooo rusty Shackleford? Dale Gribble strikes again!

  • This is the ultimate VPN. I'm cancelling my Nord subscription and getting this!

  • My aunt had something similar, but for her home PC (because she does a lot of accounting from home). Without a key you couldn't start the PC

  • 80's: Get off the internet, I need to call someone.

  • When I was a kid, computers had external (300 baud) modems. Parents would just take the modem away.

  • I am waiting for a very special lock to be picked soon - it's the stuff brand. Does anyone know this?

  • Haha dang ol Dale Gribble always has interesting stuff

  • Rusty Shackelford!

  • Rusty Shackleford. Isn't that Dale Gribble's mortal enemy?

  • Did I see a Microsoft logo ?

  • rusty shackleford lmao

  • Thanks for sharing

  • You used to have to pay by the minute for the internet. That is why someone might want this.

  • 😂 "Rusty Shakleford"? Sigh... Dammit Dale 🤣🤣

  • Wonder how much it lags because of the wiring going through the lock

  • so this is why GE went downhill...

  • Further proof that electrical companies/electricians have no place in low-voltage or datacomm.

  • almost three mil!!

  • Am I the only one who still doesn't know what it is...anyone mind explaining what it is?

  • Rusty Shackleford is the name Dale Gribble on King of the hill uses , lol. Rusty shackle ford is also a truck in new england

  • HackingInternetLawyer

  • Certified Worse Than Master Lock. Let me take a moment to dial-up this comment.......... ..... ...... ......... OK it's up.

  • Real great when your kids are home alone and can’t dial 911. Good one, Karen.

  • Ramset it!

  • Just unscrew the thing from the wall. Put a reed contact between the contacts of the lock, shortcutting the lock. Put it back on the wall. Put a magnet on a string, and put the magnet near the reed contact. This way the lock keeps locked, and internet works. When you hear the door when your parents come home, pull the string, en there's nothing to see.

  • thank you for unlocking the internet for me

  • Most kids don't know how to use a screwdriver let alone how to pick or bridge connections.

  • Of course he identifies as Rusty Shackleford

  • In our house the pc was far from phone jack and when you wanted to dial up you unrolled a 5m cable from modem to phone jack. Parents trick was hiding the long cable. My trick was moving entire pc to next to phone jack and moving everything back before they got home. Also our 286 had one of those keyboard locks which all you had to do was open the lid and unplug. Parents locked and unlocked it not even knowing it was completely disconnected inside on the motherboard

  • aah, the good old days when 80% of the population thought AOL was the internet.

  • This and other products like it, it makes me wonder why companies hate kids

  • Lol didn't know dale from king of the hill sent him that lol

  • Pocket Sand...

  • Wait, An *Internet Lock* ?

  • My fathers Rambler had a disc lock. That is all I will confirm at this time.

  • Lock Picking Lawyer you absolutely didn't open the lock you turned on the internet. ;) 👍

  • This is to stop people from accidently picking up the phone and ruining you connection.

  • You... hacked the Internet

  • That's a rad idea, dude!

  • Hacker: picks lock “Alright. I’m in.”

  • Big shout out to Dale Gribble for providing the lock!

  • My grandfather had to put a lock on the house phone because my uncle would run up the phone bill calling girls. I could see using a lock like that, especially if you had people in your home (like my uncle) that you couldn't trust with a connection.

  • kids don't have lockpicks

  • I'd love to see him do the old computer case keyboard lock. It might stop him for 10 seconds or so

  • Just take away the lan cable from the port to moderm, simple 😜😜


  • heh...rusty shackleford

  • Even as a kid back in the '80s I could open a wafer lock with a small screwdriver and a paperclip. With something like this I probably wouldn't have bothered, though. I'd have modified an extra cord to use black and yellow instead of red and green, and added a switched bridge somewhere else on the line so I could flip it and activate the jack, while killing red/green in the rest of the house. How do I know I'd have done that? Because I did, not because of one of these but to keep anybody from accidentally picking up a phone and dialing while I was online.

  • Dale Gribble is probably the last person to use a lock like that. Or is it the first?

  • All fun and games till someone needs to call emergency services and then the product will instantly be banned from sale due to that

  • I’m guessing that’s why in the modern day we use internet passwords.... oh, wait. That doesn’t help at all considering most people are lazy and use something personal as a password. I tend to just hit up random number generators, generate several ten digit numbers, and make my password a completely random math problem. Good luck to anyone trying to guess my passwords. You’ll need it. Lol.

  • This reminds me of the locks on those portable fireproof "safes" they sell at Walmart. I can open those things with a pair of finger nail clippers in less then 2 seconds. There completely useless as a way of securing anything.

  • This lock is peak Dale Gribble.

  • WTF! You mean to tell me that's all that was between me and the "Free Tour" sections of many a website back in the day?! You've done more to ruin my childhood then any "truth behind you favorite childhood whatever" video has ever done.

  • That thing definitely has a bug in it if it came from rusty.

  • Those were actually banned in my country because it could stop someone from calling emergency services

  • How to defeat any wafer lock 2.0: Show it a picture of the LPL giving it a stern look...

  • I never had locks like this. We had AOL dialup. Unless you are deaf you or not in the house you couldn't hide that dial up sound. I tried with out much success. Also if my dad tried to call I couldn't explain why that phone line was busy.

  • I would rather hide the cable than install a new socket like this haha

  • Dale sent you that lock

  • Wow, I’m sure even I can pick that.

  • 1:27 And for a second I thought it was a fluke.

  • There is no connection on the back of the plug, How does it work without an imput

    • @Dylan Ryan yes, it connects to phone line with wifi. what is so hard to understand?

    • Dam you didnt evenn watch the video. It's before with dialup. It has to connect to the phone line. There is no connection

    • @Dylan Ryan maybe the wifi is hidden to protect from hackers?

    • Do you see any wifi circuit board and power imput on the back? The lock has wires to the socket nothing else

    • it uses wifi

  • i still remember that rune scimmy i lost because my mom didnt warn me that shes about to call somebody when i was in wildy:(

  • just skip the “fluke” part. nobody ever thinks you picking a lock is a fluke lol

  • Seems such lock used to secure service phone in lobby agaist public, not from intentional break/ so thats why so poor security.

  • It opened faster than a master lock

  • Want to lock the internet? Don’t pay the bills until your kids’ grades improve.

  • Well, when turned off, your computer was pretty safe from external hackers.

  • He lock picked the internet

  • What was the purpose of this lock again?

  • "oh! he didn't pull out a rake! must be a half decen- oh wait he just slid across"

  • I used to break in my dad's locker and it only had a wafer lock. I used a simple hairpin as a key. Stuck it in and 'jiggled' it 'til it opened. I had access to his guns but I couldn't tell him 'cause he woulda whooped my ass for even attempting. It was such a garbage lock tho, and if my parents used this stuff, it would not have slowed me down.

  • Rusty shakelford!!!

  • Funny, if it were connected to two line phone...it is only capable of cutting line one.

  • Dale Gribble, I'm on to you

  • Love the king of thr hill reference

  • I’ve been bingeing King of the Hill and Rusty Shackleford just made my day.

  • Manual firewall... I can dig it

  • those 3 people who still use this are surly quaking in thier boots