[1283] A Lock Picking Game Changer?

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The referenced video discussing decoding via Lishi: [1244] Schlage Deadbolt OWNED By Lishi Pick/Decoder ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/vXeUxG2MzH3Wn5g

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  • too many things on the site to buy it, for those who want to find one shown in video is this link covertinstruments.com/collections/lishi-tools

  • Applicability to European locks please? Which are most common?

  • the picture of Mao Ze Dong is communist funny

  • Which Lishi residential would be best to get if you are situated in Europe? I am not sure what kind is the most common here. I have seen a lot Abus padlocks, which would fit these?

  • I can now enter my friends houses to leave them gifts

  • I don't think it is ethical to make lock-picking more accessible to the public. Don't get me wrong; I love your videos and am a subscriber! But I watch your videos for simply their entertainment value, not to actually try learning how to pick a lock. I think this is the vast majority of your viewer base. Certainly this product has many positive-use case scenarios. One comment mentions how a paramedic could enter an elderly person's home after they have fallen. But how would you feel if one of your tools was used for a robbery? Would it change your mind about selling this product to the public? Or would you argue that if not you, somebody else would sell this. Or that somebody motivated enough would learn how to lock-pick regardless. Where do you draw the line? I feel your light-hearted tone completely ignores this implication. You have an incredibly valuable skillset, one that can obviously help the industry build more secure locks. But I don't think this product is the answer. Even in the most common scenario of somebody locking themselves out of their own home, this lock-picking instrument will realistically be locked inside the home with their keys!

  • Little click in wallet, order is binding

  • Are you going to be adding a crashbar tool on your site? Love the patches. I'm going to be ordering some for my team. A nice give away at the company Jul party.

  • completely sold out. gotta get some more in stock

  • How do you know what kind of keyway it is? If I bought this how would I know which one to use?

    • After working with locks a while, you just start recognizing certain keyways, especially the big ones like Schlage and Kwikset. I've cut so many of those, I can accurately decode a key with a quick look at it about 90% of the time. You just start recognizing things. Until you can recognize the keyways, just try sticking it in. The tool will slide in easily, or it won't at all - just like if you tried sticking a Kwikset key into a Schlage keyway.

  • Do they sellthis tool for British locks

  • Channel for thieves?!

  • This is scary that years ago picking a lock was something that had to be learned and mastered and you actually felt safe behind a door but no more as things like this exist to make even the most imcompetent lockpicker to be able to do this is frightening..

  • yikes these things look scary effective

  • This reminds me of the horrible app that lets sbag robo callers and scammers change their phone number in caller id. That like this should be illegal. Maybe ok for licensed locksmiths.

  • Ah yes nice stuff. Sadly all lockpics are illegal in Poland including this tool

  • Got to wonder if he even uses keys for his house

  • I must say as a customer from Covert Instruments I have purchased all of your Lishi's and not a single one has looked like the one you have provided in your video. They are much cheaper in design and don't even look like what you are advertising on screen. If you would like I can provide receipts and pictures of the brand new Lishi's I have received.

  • Morrowind's lockpicks, brought to you by Lishi.

  • Yes but how do you know which to use?

  • I hate it when ILawardrs sell things because they are always sold out and you never know when they'll restock them.

  • I wanna see LPL break out of a prison

  • You really shouldn't be selling commercial locksmith tools to literally anyone. These are the most common locks in the country and you're just selling ease of access and it shouldn't be legal imo.

  • But when are they going to be back in stock?

  • When will you have these back in stock? TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  • Yikes

  • If I ever get lucky and get one of these, which one would I need for common German locks?

  • Great video! Any idea when the KW1 and SC1 will be back in stock?

  • I really don't understand the purpose of all this "LockPickingLawyer" videos, or just the main dangerous side effect... is it a precious source of information for thief? It really seems like that, and it's very very irritating. I am open to change my mind, can you explain this?

    • @Emma Strange Are you sure? It makes noise. And if you have the tools this guy sells, wouldn't you enter by the door spending one minute to silently open it?

    • Lockpicking isn't really used much in crime. If you want to break into a house just smash a window.

    • @Sand Actually it never happened to me. A simple question: how many people buy these tools to open their locks and enter in their house, and how many to steal? A rate of 1:100 at least?

    • @Riccardo Fabiani who do you call when you get stuck outside your car or your house?

    • @Sand what kind of "job" are you talking about? lockpicking is not a job... it's a criminal act. and even if this guy declare that with his tips and tools he doesn't want to encourage crimes, it is exactly what he does (gaining money and popularity too I guess). great job

  • Is there also one for european locks?

  • All my 700 neighbors disliked that I can pay them a visit whenever I want now.

  • I’m a thief thanks

  • Aimbot? Aimpick? Aimtrickpick?

  • Are these still being sold?

  • This channel makes me paranoid.

  • It might be a stupid question since I’m new to lock picking but how would I find out wether Lishi tools work on European locks too ? Like which types those are. (not talking about car locks but regular door or padlocks) Are there global standards which would imply that there are similar cylinder (keyway) types in Europe too or ?

  • 5/5☆, I was able to rob my entire neighborhood with out training, and since they know that im good at lockpicking they believe it wasn't me, easily a 5/5☆

  • are those available for other countries as well? I am living in Germany

    • Check Lishi on amazon

  • How do you or more specifically, how would a novice know which tool to use for which lock. You used Kickset Lishi, to unlock a padlock, that's confusing

  • So can I use these for locks other than the brand intended by the tool? Like how if you go to Walmart the house keys are made with the same blank does that mean the only difference is the pins wont be marked the same on a master lock as campared to a brinks lock but the same tool will work?

    • I would assume as long as a key is made from the same blank, then these picks will work. The blank is really only there to give the key the correct shape to fit in the hole and after that, you just feel out the pins.

  • I can't wait for the $25 knock-off version of these to hit the market.

  • Would this work for decoding a Kwikset smart key lock that I no longer have the key the smart key is programmed to?

  • The REAL beauty of the Lishi Tools for us locksmiths is that once the lock is picked we can use that grid to make a key without having to take the lock apart.

  • Sold out

  • Mrs LPL "never picked before"? You're kidding me!!!!!

  • I just asked the salesman from the factory in China, they don't make AM5 and M1. And their sales price for SC is less than 30 dollars.

  • Sold out on the site. Anywhere else we can purchase these?

  • ... it's legal to own stuff like that?

  • I made a electric lock pick using my old electric toothbrush lol works sooo good almost as fast as my key

    • @Peyton mac lol stfu hahahah i did tho I made it from a oral b toothbrush

    • ... Prove it. I expect to see you standing in my bedroom when I wake up tomorrow morning.

  • this looks like the oblivion lockpicking minigame

    • @Peyton mac yep i agree

    • The best lockpicking minigame, in my opinion. It actually felt like picking a lock, rather than that game-of-chance version they went with in the Fallout series and Skyrim.

  • And this is why you have Internal locks, Alarm systems, Cameras and Dogs. And a gun.

  • How about other countrys? Like EU, Asia etc.

  • Everything is sold out D:

  • At a certain point this channel becomes unsafe for all...

  • who's picture is that on the tool?

  • All sold out😩

  • I dont see them on the site?

  • Now attach arduino to it and make it automatic

  • I am in Australia and have a Lockwood lock, with a LW5/C5 key, which Lishi 2in1 lock pick do I need? Thanks and I love your videos.

  • What the most common lock type in the US?

    • @Blazed Chiller Thanks

    • masterlock or kwikset ive seen in california

  • Hello! Great video as always. Would this work also outside of the US? For exampel Europe. Or are the keyways different from one continent to another?

  • Imagine hearing someone breaking into your home and all you can hear is "Nothing on one, small click on 2, 3 is set..."

  • Okay now find someone who makes on for Abloy locks.

  • Outstanding, I wish these were available for UK locks. Nice one.

  • When i get the money to buy this i can start robbing ppl's houses and make more money. 5\5 *

  • how is this legal? XD

  • Game changer...

  • Try pick my dog 😂😂

  • bro are those made in china? evil china? we should stop all production in china

    • It's never gonna happen, most stuff you have comes from China anyways

  • The pronunciation @2:05 means you're from a very particular area of New York OR "the IDF been busy just recently" actually mean something to you. I gotta know, am I right!?!?!?!?!?!? My GF's family all say it the SAME way!!!!!

  • Dear god this is almost video game levels of picking simplicity.

  • I've always thought your videos are troubling because even though it is not your intention. burglars can easily learn how to pick locks from watching your videos and it's frustrating to me because I was once a victim. and now you are selling a tool that makes their job easier.

  • ah, a true game changer for "professionals"

  • The most important thing we learned today is that there's a Mrs. Lock Picking Lawyer

    • @soggyBread not for me 😔

    • this is old news my guy

  • couldn't there be akey that just push on every pin at the press of a button to adjust to the pins and you can just turn it after it's pushed on all the pins ? It seems like it could be created

  • I would have put a thumbs down, because I dont think these should be made a common household item. I did put a thumbs up because it unfortunately demonstrates quite clearly that locks are not secure to even a layman like me. Cheap solution? Don't know... I don't think these should be made available to the general public, although they are obviously out there already. Awareness of the vulnerability of locks is definitely worth demonstrating

  • So locks are just a formality. Huh good to know.

  • So locks are just a formality. Huh good to know.

  • wow.

  • Kinda sad cuz lock pick sets are slightly illegal in Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia. :(

  • Imagine the poor fuck who pays for an SC1 when their blank is an SC4. In fact, why not just only make the SC4? The only difference is that one has 5 and the other 6 pins, with the same exact keyway. Based on where the tool actually tensions from it wouldn't even cause an issue to the pin placements. Just have 6 pins shown on the template, so people with an SC1 can just pick (based on the template) pins 6,5,4,3,and 2, leaving the last one free since they don't have it. Instead of somebody with an SC4 buying an SC! pick and not being able to open their lock. It just doesn't make sense to have such a limiting option

  • Locksmiths hate this guy, just try this one weird trick.

  • Why are you selling this xD

  • Why is he making life for thieves easier?

    • If a thief actually wanted to break into your house, they wouldn't need a special pick. There are many ways to open a door without a pick. If you actually want to be safe, then get a home alarm system

  • [1283] A Lock Picking Advert?

  • A general question for you, what if you can’t physically access the lock? And I’m thinking the type of technology used in credit cards, with a chip. Basically a hash value is put through an algorithm that both the key and lock know, but the hash cannot be reused (a used hash is discarded after use, and new one generated). A 31 bit hash has 4 billion possible outcomes. Through some fancy mathematics and atomic clock “tickers” I can guarantee a unique value every time a “key” is used. These problems are why special forces “Walk through the wall” (the weakest link in the system is the wall. Watch “Who dares wins” the movie, it’s not fictional on the entry). ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/0Gep0YGo3I60qJg (@ about 2:55).

  • I want one lol

  • Mister lockpicker, have you had any thought of what your lockpicks can do in the hands of skilled lockpickers? I believe, that could be dangerous.

  • What's upp with the Chinese text on those? Who's that guy above it?

  • Best leave my door open then.

  • This is usefull to keep in your car if you forgot your housekeys and need to get back in or any forgotten or accidental locks.

  • Can an SC4 be used on an SC1 Keyway?

  • So what item should I get? I live in the US

  • Pretty cool but 5 of them is quite expensive. $80 each ...

  • Lawyer?? More like criminal maestro.

  • Got them for normal door locks in Europe?

  • when is the LPL going to start selling latex gloves and ski masks. I cant help support this channel any longer... as this type of stuff just caters to the criminal element. Maybe the next video will be on how to disable the most popular home security system , followed up by fencing jewelry, and finally the disposing of bodies video series

  • what is binding

  • Hey, I was wondering where I can find out what lichi I need?

  • Do these also work on European/German locks or do EU/German locks have a different structure?

    • @El güero Riiight.

    • Suspicious question detected.