[1282] As Seen On Shark Tank: The BenjiLock

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So many of you have asked about my video setup... well, this is what I use. All links below are Amazon Affiliate.

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  • The packaging looks like a penis...

  • I’m looking for a shackle were the word “hardened” can’t be stamped into it because it’s been hardened.

  • Why the fuck do people make shit out of zinc? When you could literally use anything else? And why in gods name would you make the shackle hardened steel if the luck buddy is the sink?

  • those security pins really slowed you down.. like half a split second!! lol

  • a video for when u just can't put your finger on it

  • Video run time: 1:48... this should be good...

  • If the key part of these locks is the weakest point, why don't they build these locks without shafts/keys? I realize they put the key on there in case you need to override the fingerprint or if the battery dies, but it should be able to draw power from the usb mini port as well as allow a reset of the fingerprint if you know the password. I have the same gripe with most of the electronic dead bolts. Most of those locks are reasonably secure except for the stupid manual key lock mechanism that can easily be bumped or picked. I guess you could buy the lock and then jam the shaft with something. Leaving off the shaft and keys would make it cheaper to produce and more secure though.

  • Actually not that bad! It took LPL some little more time to pick it.

  • Would have liked to have seen the cylinder taken out.

  • Why don't they just put failsafe battery tabs on it and just skip the regular lock?

  • Man, if you're putting in an override you gotta make it just as strong, if not stronger than the primary method

  • I’ve been watching lpl for like years now I think and just realized I wasn’t subbed

  • Some send him a lock with the key hole filled with JB weld now pic this. Lol 😆

  • Locks on LPL: 5 or less seconds: TRASH 5-10 seconds: formidable, worth your money 10-15 seconds: amazing 15-20 seconds: God-like 20+ seconds: LPL stamp of approval - buy now (will still get politely roasted on the channel tho and called “not much of a challenge).

  • You make it look so easy

  • well i assume if it has a keyway, then LPL can pick it.

  • Why do u never show ur face

  • Actually made me feel like laughing. Haha

  • as soon as i saw him takeout the "standard" picking tools i was like "ah yeah you are done, bye"

  • 01:30 "Though it feels like yhey did put a couple of security pins to slow us down" LPL still picks it in under half a minute 🙃

  • i wanna see him open these in real world situations, like with it locked on a school type locker or something. holding it like that is a HUGE handicap, makes it easier to pick

  • Introducing: The BanzoLock

  • ive got a set of commercial grade bolt cutters that would defeat that lock even faster....

  • Everybodys gangsta till that one guy puts quickdry cement on the keyhole

  • All the shark tank investors mad rn fr

  • I want to watch LPL trying to open the welded blister packaging my earphones came in, with his bare hands

  • You guys are missing the fact that instead of it having 1 attack surface it now has 3. USB/Biometric/Key which makes it minimum 3x less secure than even the most basic master lock.

  • That fact that a jerk off shark tank host backed this and it failed makes this a great vid

  • You know what, he picked it and didn’t even pull out the rake. That’s a significant improvement

  • another fake product on a fake show LOL

  • I feel like there needs to be a spreadsheet of the different locks used in these videos ranked by the time it took to pick them.

  • Wow! Opened like a bag of chips!

  • A lock only is there to keep an honest man honest however not matter how many pins and metal you use to make a lock if someone wants in bad enough they'll get in with either a lock pick, a metal saw, torch or military grade equipment... tge best thing so far ive found more out of my twisted humor than anything else is using an expensive lock to keep my junk (useless usb cables, old 12v fridges that dont work and other electronics that no longer works nor has any value in scrap) i already had a shed broken into and the gal behind the desk gave me the bad news and asked me to come look at my belongings and file an insurance claim i told her that "id pay you good money for the video reaction of that thief" she said its all on video to be sent to the claims dept and i told her that the collective value of my belongings in here aren't worth the paper the insurance claim is written on 😂😂 i was told no one ever gotten that news and laughed it off and that i have a twisted sense of humor lol!

  • usb chargeable padlock wtf

  • I knew it's bad once I heard "A click out of one"

  • That’s a nice lock compared to the other junk out there. Of course it won’t keep the master from picking it. Thanks for the video. You are amazing. The lock company’s should hire you though in coming up with the ultimate lock that’s hard to pick.

  • Could you imagine being on Shark Tank trying to sell a new lock you’ve been working on for the past 7 years and they bring this guy out

  • 1:47 ugh

  • Damn security pins slowing him down!

  • what I don´t get is the need or a key override on a fingerprint lock. This adds an unneccessary weak spot, like seen above. Okay, if it loses its power it might be a hazzle to power it up again, but This is a reason for maybe a power warning? Like when closing the lock and the power is below 24 hours it could flash red.

  • From what I’ve seen in LPL .. the best lock is one without a key

  • Love hearing “and we got this open”

  • Imagine if LPL was one of the Sharks and the guys pitching this had to convince LPL this lock is secure.

  • Soon as I saw shark tank and 1:47. I had to watch.

  • Is there a lock that has stumped you?

  • Annnnnnnd I’m in. So with that I’m out

  • It's over when you year click on number 1

  • Easy to solve the problem: superglue in the keyhole, and use it with fingerprints only :)

  • Way too much fishy support for the lock in the comments

  • So, basically this is an ordinary padlock featured with a fingerprint sensor.

  • This is like internet password managers that allow security keys, but then use a simple password login for the cloud storage of the passwords, with no way to turn the cloud storage off, or add a security key to secure that login.

  • "to slow us down"... it didn't slow him down at all...

  • If you were to jam something into the keyway to make it impossible to pick would it be a unpickable or should I say more impervious lock than most others

  • Destroyed that lock in seconds. Haha

  • 1:47, I wonder if he can pick it....

  • Fingerprint biometrics was going to be one of those things that changed the world but turned out to be a bad idea. You don’t even really want it on your smartphone because of the way the law works with search warrants.

  • Saw a ILaward video showing it's easily picked. For that reason, I'm out.

  • "...to sLoW uS dOwN..." ~Picks lock in under 2 minutes~

  • BenjiLock: Our lock comes with override lock keys. LPL: Hold my beer

  • It looks like a convenience lock more than a high security lock. How do you change the battery, and how long does the battery last.

  • I love this channel.

  • but...whats the point of the finger print mechanism then?

  • It's ok, but I feel like a shark would be more effective.

  • Glad the "Sharks" are making smart investments on a show that should truly be called the "I'm Out Tank"...let's not forget these are the same people who thought Ring Doorbell was a joke & nobody would ever buy it & the guy sold it to Amazon for nearly $1 Billion www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/amazon-just-bought-video-doorbell-company-ring-for-1-billion-5-years-after-it-failed-on-shark-tank.html

  • lol

  • How do you rank against other lockpickers?

  • wooooow a little over 30 seconds, this is a decent lock

  • After watching these videos, I just put a "Please don't steal my stuff" sign on my unlocked locker.

  • I mean... nothing is safe, by the looks of it, on this channel ... xD just leave everything "door" open, it's (almost) the same lol - I'm never buying any kind of locks, ever ^^

  • He's like the Fonz.

  • why would they put a weak override lock on a secure print lock thats so dumb

  • More crap locks! I need to invent the best lock! Ha

  • The innate mailman speculatively consider because beech bacteriologically snore off a amused river. tremendous, adorable kitten

  • Okay I’ve just started watching him, and I haven’t seen him have difficulty with a lock yet, and then he always say as you can see that is not too difficult to pick.

  • "...to slow us down"

  • Is there a way of faking out the sensor?

  • Shark tank bout to lose money on this lol

  • hampton products ... hmm the same guy who owns boston pizza ... and the same guy who always asks for a majority share in the company for the persons work and then gives them less than they asked for for that ... figures he made a sub standard product from a good design ... the shark tank version DIDNT have the key lock access ... he took it over and added it and made it into this

  • Security pins to slow us down.. time extended unknown.. 5ms?

  • haha. they slowed him down

  • i'll be honest... i do like your videos and watch them, but your voice sends me up the wall. I just can't stand it. I always watch with the captions on. well, just being honest.

  • It has a micro USB on it? "Yea, hold on... Let me charge my lock"

  • What is Shark Tank ?

  • What's the point in having an electronic lock if it also has a key?

  • Fortunately most thieves are unskilled meth heads

  • I mean, it took longer to pick than most masterlocks so its at least functional.

  • The best protection is a guy sitting in a bunker with an ak47 guarding the pick able lock.

  • Yeah, well pick it in a shark tank.

  • So you have a finger print lock that has a battery which will run out of charge, thus meaning you'd need to carry the keys anyway which makes all locks like this kind of pointless.

  • pretty good. if you don't care about the override lock you could possibly destroy the keyway (making it unpickable) and still keep overall functionality.

  • Let's be honest here: It is a fingerprint lock that isn't made of plastic, glued together, or covered with exposed screws. I clicked in to see what humiliating failure of engineering happened, and got "well, the mechanical backup isn't exceptionally impressive, only has a couple of security pins". Guess this is what happens when an actual lock company makes one of these.

    • I’d say once he moves on to picking and it can’t be raked. Then more than likely anyone who gets into this lock is probably using more.. destructive methods.

    • @Baller Simpson fingerprint locks are usually for convenience though, not ultra security.

    • "only has a couple of security pins" puts it well out of reach for most people. How long is someone going to fumble with this one before moving on to a different fingerprint lock that IS made of plastic, glued together, or covered with exposed screws.

    • @Baller Simpson You misunderstand me. I'm not necessarily saying it is a GOOD lock. I, personally, wouldn't trust a fingerprint lock to secure anything important even if they WERE usually competently built. What I'm saying that the bar has been set so low by previous smart locks that "not very good" is well above anything I expected to see in the genre. The genre's standards are so low that I expected "can be completely disassembled while locked, can be melted with a cigarette lighter, and the mechanical bypass is literally just a coin screw". I mean... heck, it isn't even just meeting Master Lock levels of failure(which would have left me impressed by itself, so bad have previous smart locks been built). It has more than four pins(including spools), it's shim-resistant, it's rake-resistant, and there's no obvious construction flaws. This is well past "can stand against harsh language" territory and on into "acceptable for low-security tasks".

    • You guys are missing the point here. Its a lock. A lock that's very easy to pick. A total wadte of money, time, engineering, materials. Just because its a bit better than other fingerprint locks does not justify it.

  • Why is a piece of crap like that endorsed by shark tank?

  • Lmfao. This guy is my hero.

  • .

  • @LockPickingLawyer - could this have been raked open or bypassed quicker than a standard picking? If not, 25 seconds seems decent.

  • what's the point of a fingerprint lock ... if you still use a key ?

  • Ah yes, let's make an advanced lock that you open with your fingerprint so that people can't just pick it. And then we'll put a small key lock on the bottom of it that can be picked to open it. Seriously, people. You basically took a normal lock and then put a fingerprint scanner on it for novelty.

  • Less than 30 seconds. And he was slowed down by security pins. Amazing

  • Can you do a video of locks we should buy lol

  • This guy can pick a lock faster than I can open my back door with the key