[1281] My EDC Knife vs. “Slash Resistant” Portable Safe

פורסם בתאריך 28 אפר 2021
If you’re interested, here’s an Amazon Affiliate link to my EDC pocketknife... I highly recommend it. amzn.to/2S2xlPv

I’m obviously not a fan of this “portable safe,” but if you want to waste your money on it, kindly do so using this Amazon Affiliate link: amzn.to/2QLK6h9 😋


Video Setup

So many of you have asked about my video setup... well, this is what I use. All links below are Amazon Affiliate.

Microphone- amzn.to/2QO9CCj
Lights (5,800k setting used)- amzn.to/3aTqz5p
Light Mounts- amzn.to/3vzHB05
Camera- amzn.to/3xO4iQn
Camera Clamp- amzn.to/3eK9o7r
Camera Mount- amzn.to/334fCcD
Clamps for Camera \u0026 Light Mounts- amzn.to/2SfIqwF
Background- amzn.to/2PHg4L5


  • I burst out laughing when he said "and here we have the instructions...", and tossed them aside as if he were doing a regular unboxing video. 🤣

  • This seems like a cheap piece of tat sold to suckers.

  • Defeats the purpose Explain?

  • its harder to get into a pair of sisors or a knife packaging than it is to cut that safe to ribbons.

  • The real slash resistant packs are blister packaging.

  • More like "splash resistant"

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  • You know your product is full of bs when lpl make a video about it and the thumbnail have a laughing emoji

  • Hmm, maybe they meant the guitar player 🤔

  • HA HA

  • You're just wasting your money making these videos. lol

  • That knife is $275 😮

  • "Slash resistant panels" but everything else cuts like butter 🤦‍♂️

  • now I just want to buy the knife..

  • Why would they put cloth on the side omg

  • I've seen masterlocks give LPL more trouble than this!

  • It actually isn’t false advertising. Because it said slash resistant, not stab resistant. Still a garbage product

  • Get your money back tht thing was garbage.


  • when the box suggests you hang the bag from a closet rod, you know they are serious about security.

  • you opened it faster with a knife then you could open it properly

  • "Slash resistant" against what? Bad thoughts? Would it keep bad thoughts out? Or would LPL still be able to pick it, just with bad thoughts anyway?

  • To be fair, the mirror polish on LPL's knife is NOT the norm. That blade has received some TLC and is optimal for checking "slash resistance".

  • can people sue these companies for false advertising? this is shamefull

  • He gets to the instructions by using the most direct way to them....cutting through

  • Went to amazon "Currently unavailable."

  • “Resistant”’ it’s actually a Chinese word for quality

  • This is cool, but I don't think you can call a $400 knife an "everyday simple pocket knife".

  • these hidden knife advertisements are really getting out of hands

  • He should do these tests with a butter knife. I think he'll still get through it

  • Maybe they meant "splash resistant"? LOL

  • Why are they allowed to actually SELL this? I mean, selling garbage is one thing - bad enough - but basically LYING on the packaging? I'm quite sure there's limits to that. Even if "resistant" is probably not a clearly defined word, this can't be legal anymore.

  • It means that Slash won't be able to open it using his hair, they never mentioned knives...

  • "Simple pocket knife" my ass. M390 is a highly wear-resistant steel.

  • Even a child with scissors can get through it

  • lol

  • Is this April's fool item????

  • i hope he linked the video in the review for the product. fucking hilarious

  • You realize you're purchasing a *"Slash"* *resistant* bag, and then immediately putting it to a puncture and cut test without EVER testing it's slash resistance right? There is a major difference in definition when referring to building materials as *"slash" "cut" "shear" "puncture" "proof"* and *"resistant".* You wouldnt buy safety toe boots and then stomp on a nail to test how it protects the bottom of your toe would you? Either way this item and others ive seen you review are in fact useless for security against a knife, but I have to point out you're unfairly scrutinizing products to tests they werent meant to hold up to. Its a shit item to produce and advertise, but ive yet to see any evidence that its falsely advertised since you've never *"Slashed"* any part of any of the items.

  • That's not the unboxing video I expected.

  • Wtf was that 😂

  • The slash slinging lawyer.

  • That’s one hell of a knife. Basically melts through a slash resistant safe.

    • As long as its sharp enough easily cuts

    • Any knife should be able to cut like this.. Just has to be sharp enough.

  • That is less slash resistant than some of the normal packaging products come in. It would have been hilarious if this came in one of those, so that it’s more difficult to get it out of the packaging than to get into the slash-proof safe.

  • I'd be a little upset if a $260 knife didnt beat a $30 nylon bag.

  • What's the point of the lock on the clip?

  • I think they meant "splash resistant" ...

  • that's a pretty good knife advertisement

  • "everyday pocket knife" Its 250 dollars

  • Nice job editing out the lights and sparks from that lightsaber you’re using.

  • Even the side panels were cake

  • Slash resistant to a butter knife maybe

  • lmao he wasn't even using an actual knife.

  • I wonder if that could be considered false advertisement? I’ll have to ask a lawyer.

  • Why are there dislikes for this video?

  • Do they even test these products?

  • Also, can you please try slashing instead of stabbing? I think the stabbing is fine but slashing is a bit different of an attack right?

  • Can you please do one that is actually slash resistant? This channel is like the good guy wins every time and gets the girl... so predictable!

  • when you go around the maginot and then go through the maginot

  • Hilarious

  • Is there no law in the US for wrong advertisement?

  • I wonder if I was the only one who heard “Let’s see how it fails” in place of “Let’s see how it fares”.

  • Even if the fabric was totally slash and stab resistent, that plastic buckle is pretty weak

  • You know the lock is so bad when the lockpicking lawyer putted a laughing emoji in the thumbnail

  • Can someone please tell me what is the name of the knife he is using. Looks sweet

  • How fucking sharp is that knife?!

  • I think by slash they are meaning people who use small sharp razors and run the blade along applying low force You're review is kinda overlooking that fact and instead expecting them to withstand more then they are capable of, they are a deterrent to a selected method which more common to tourist Tho they do have some outrageous advertising which can easily be misleading Basically if you wanna keep a knife out you need a stronger material then the blade

  • I have seen 3 videos of you testing slash resistant products. Funny and normally I would agree with you. Now I am not a native English speaker so maybe I get the wording sense a bit wrong. What you do is punch, thrust, with the point of the knife, not slash. For me, slashing is only when the blade ia used, no point first - that is like cheating becauae you already generate the rupture in the material. Please change your technique in your next slash resiatant video and avoid using the tip of the blade, only the lateral sharp side. That is slashing. The products advertisment does not say punch resistant. That pointy tip of your HIGH QUALITY knife, could penetrate sheet metal of a car body work. Think about opening a metal can. You first generate a hole and than it is easy to cut through it, but it is more difficult to cut with a knife a metal can.

  • megamind?

  • I see the issue here is you’re not using a butter knife

  • What you didn’t know is that pocket knife is actually the second form of Excalibur

  • it was probably harder clicking the buy button on it

  • Mate i could probably piss on one of those and end up with the same fukin result like i thought that that thick rubner looking padding would do its job but what the actual fuck

  • LOL..... But he didn't slash, he cut.... LoL

  • Of course amazon recommended safes to him

  • i would use what here in spain we call "corta plumas" one of the dasigned for modeling, that thigs cut very well even trough some tipes of metals

  • Amazon recommended this to me. 😂

  • They meant to write splash resistant

  • Did they use the backside of a butterknife to test this?

  • Did you ask for a refund?

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  • This is buying stuff off wish in a nutshell

  • they test it with butter knifes

  • Yikes

  • The real question is: Did you send it back?

  • I think these companies use butter knives for these claims...

  • Welcome to the 21th century of Amazone and co. its slash resistant not knife resistant :P

  • Did you return it?

  • LAws need to be tightened up against such things as this is clearly a case of fraud.

  • They meant resistant to Slash from G and R

  • Maybe when it meant slash resistant it meant against the guitarist?

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  • Video demonstrated the best method possible to reach the instructions manual.

  • This bag was easier to open than a prostitutes legs with a 500$ bill

  • Slash resistant If using a round rock

  • So ppl make money with lyes

  • 100% Slash resistant! *Product tested only against plastic baby food spoons*

  • I pretty much disregard all product claims and go straight to the reviews. Businesses literally could not lie more than they do about their products..

  • It's not even slash reluctant

  • Whenever I see EDC I think Jesus the festival scene is wilder than I thought, then I remember every day carry…