[1279] “CrabLock” Opened In Surprising Way

פורסם בתאריך 24 אפר 2021

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  • That almost looks like a movie prop. Considering the region, it could be.

  • How is he gonna pick it today? Oh, he just yoinked it very hard. Fair play.

  • finally a lock for my crabs

  • I heard Phillip G Hog is a real good driver for a quadroped, just saying

  • With a key like that, this lock wouldn't stop anybody anyway, and doesn't appear to be intended to, either.

  • more like a "CrapLock" am i right? huh eh eh?

  • Damn I should call her

  • Real antique crab locks are completely different than that thing. They are meant to be used as a lock for a trunk or chest. Look up greasyluckforge, he makes actual crab locks.

  • LPL "It has some hallmarks of Indian production." A polite way of saying "It ranges from substandard to total garbage in every possible way."

    • No, not really. Locking things were obviously not the intended purpose. It’s a decoration. That’s obvious, and it’s a pretty good one at that

  • Prettiest useless lock i ever did see

  • Made in India in 1870. Gv max Likes for that.

  • Maybe it is supposed to be some sort of prop for a movie or TV show. I cant imagine people could make serious money off a lock that is so easy to disprove like a collector would be able to just look up the paten number and know it is fishy. But unique looking lock that doesn't mean much might be good for being filmed esp. if you want to dress the setting.

  • Heavy pull on shackled to open could also mean that its meaby a prop for something like magic trick, stunt or movie

  • Just found out LPL is from PA. I love this channel even more now

  • Nobody else’s gonna say anything about the guys name? 😂

  • I'd like to live in a place named Gobbler's Knob.

  • why does it look so weird with the table?

  • That lock looks like something that Ned Ryerson would try to sell you.

  • I was thinking butter

  • "No mountain Dew, only Crablock"

  • Craziest thing ever I’m watching this after I was watching the movie (which I do say was over played when I was younger since my birthday is groundhogs day lol)

  • Gobbler's knob 😂

  • Sorry LPL, but this is click bait. It is not surprising when you calmly grunt a lock open.

  • You should lock that to something and challenge people to open it under 4 seconds.

  • Made in India? Nah, Phil had probably spent some time becoming a master locksmith and made it himself.

  • a firm tug yana

  • CrabLock? CrapLock!

  • Probably a movie prop of some sort

  • Hello to my fellow pennsylvanian, would love to know where you grew up.

  • The lock looks like good earing

  • Why am I the only one thinking about the crab lock from the live action Cat in the Hat with Mike Myers?

  • @LockPickingLawyer: How do you feel about warded locks with LARGE keys that require , let's say 10+ foot-pounds of force to rotate? Assuming the rest of the lock is sturdy. For example a safe or bank vault.

  • 1000th comment

  • It reminds me of the crab lock from cat in the hat

  • Did...did the groundhog send him a padlock... is that what he's slyly telling us?

  • Lol I always forget the groundhog lives in a place called Gobblers Knob. hehe

  • Actually took him slightly longer to open it with a tool rather than just PULLING IT OPEN...

  • Well well well You found my lock Please return it, my stuff keeps getting stolen by lobsters

  • Punxatoni Phil, LOL.

  • Norfolk-Southern Railway. You're welcome.

  • I searched the US Patent Office for 873 and it's a Pecking Hammer, not a lock.

  • Love that his name was phill lol

  • I lost it when he said "gobblers knob" I'm such a child.

  • Am I the only one who thinks 'happy paintings and God Bless' everytime LPL says 'and as always'?

  • And Phil thought he’d get famous cause LPL needs to break out the pick him and Bosnian Bill made... try again next day Phil, cause this was a doozie... personal question: Is it a crab lock or a Crap lock? You tell me

  • HOWever... it is 100% slash resistant.

  • I amogus

  • It works pretty well for keeping out the crab people. In fact, no crablock has ever been picked by a crab person.

  • Good 👍 🦸‍♂️

  • In order to open this, you just have to push crabslock.

  • The fact that you can open it by pulling on the shackle makes me think its made to be a prop. You can open and close it with the key, but no risk of actually getting it stuck on something.

  • When you get a lock from Gobbler's Knob, it's only natural that you should open it by giving it a tug ;-)

  • literally easier and faster to open then a belt

  • It would be nice if you would go a little more in-depth with your videos, how the locks work, construction etc...something more than just watch me pick this is 30 seconds. Looking forward to seeing future videos with a little more content.

  • "Creative design" so it matches the design of NSW railways

  • wwwuww

  • I just watched a Murray marathon today and "Groundhog day" was the last movie.

  • Shame you didn't mention, what does it have that makes you deduce this is a modern piece?

  • Idk if you read your comments, but I just ordered the genesis kit, and was hoping to get a link on where to begin in the art of lockpicking? I don't intend on going as deep as you lock sport experts mind you, I simply want to acquire another "prepper" skill...

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  • “Do ya think Phil is gonna come out and see his shadow?”

  • Phill the crab with the crab lock

  • disassemble it!

  • LSO - Lock Shaped Object

  • I got an ad for poetizer. It's the social network without pretence. For poets.

  • Pretty sure it's named after Kreplach and just using a similar sounding word.

  • It's just for decoration...like every other lock LPL shows on this channel 🤭

  • I got you babe

  • 0:08 & 0:11

  • Looks like the kind of locks escape-artists use...

  • That looks pretty cool... Where can I get one?

  • Ok, for some reason I feel empty. Was looking forward to hear binding on pin 1

  • I am legitimately disappointed this was not opened with a crab claw.

  • I just googeled Gobbler's Knob. It's a real place. Just like Sandy Balls in the UK.

  • The fine cinema reference got me 🤣

  • I understand it’s a Groundhogs Day reference, but “Phillip G Hog, Gobblers Knob” is the most sexual innuendo laden string of words I’ve ever heard.

  • This would be a super fun aesthetic set piece in an escape room

  • so you just...pull on it. fine product

  • "Gobblers knob." I laughed too hard.

  • Groundhogs Day is such a classic. Punxsutawney Phil!!!!

  • This lock reminds me of that lock from that cat and the hat movie.. anyone else?

  • Why did I get a notification 2 days later

  • Wait gobblers knob 😅🤣🤣

  • Wow, that key looks super complex too

  • Who have known that you could open a lock by hand shaking it

  • I wanna refund for this

  • When the ad that plays was longer than the video. :'( where's the disassembly?

  • Who's here from Pa

  • "Fine Cinema" ROTFLMAO

  • Phil, Phil Connors?!

  • Didn't they have this type of lock on the box in the cat and the hat movie lol

  • Reject modernity, embrace crablock

  • I was hoping he'd use an actual crab claw to pick it.

  • 6:00 am: Master lock wakes up to 'I got you babe'.

  • that's actually a high-security lock. it's no match for the lpl, and threw in the towel straight away.

  • Can you do a mini-series on locks you actually recommend for various purposes?

  • When I first saw this I had to watch it then got disappointed A reproduction lock would have been great if it would have been real

  • Phil!? Like the groundhog Phil?!?

  • Im getting a bit of Deja vu with this lock

  • Did you have to shell out for this lock? They're a snip on ebay! Apologies for the crusty jokes; they just grab me, and crack me up, when I'm feeling crabby. There should have been a warning claws here. I'll wave goodbye, and nip off before I get pinched for the abyss-mal humour... (Now that's really dredging the depths.) 🦀