[1278] Yale’s Improved Model Y114/60 Padlock

פורסם בתאריך 22 אפר 2021

See the original model 114 here: [412] Yale 114/60 Shutter Padlock Picked ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/uKhp2W2T0merdJg

Video Setup

So many of you have asked about my video setup... well, this is what I use. All links below are Amazon Affiliate.

Microphone- amzn.to/2QO9CCj
Lights (5,800k setting used)- amzn.to/3aTqz5p
Light Mounts- amzn.to/3vzHB05 Camera- amzn.to/3xO4iQn
Camera Clamp- amzn.to/3eK9o7r
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  • Hi LPL, I live in Australia and watch your channel daily. I sometimes hear you talk about counter rotation in your explanations while picking. Also, some times you mention that a particular pin needs some rotation, do you know of any animations that show this? Thanks LPL, I appreciate your channel a lot. Sometimes it is the only thing in my day that is positive, so I always look forward to drinking my coffee and watching a couple of your episodes. Once again, thanks and one day I hope to send you a lock. As far as I am aware, they are for an Australian rail company called Q rail. I have only ever seen them in use on large gateways that give access to the tracks e the east

  • I like the old keys better.

  • These comments are giving me an aneurysm 😂

  • I will report to my lock division that they need to do better!

  • i think the older version had a better design and looks, what do u guys think?

  • I want to see a video about all the High security locks that The Lock Picking Lawyer does recommend.

  • are clicks in locks always so loud are did you up the volume for us to hear?

  • If you wrap the lock with duct tape you'll turn that 15 seconds into 10 minutes

  • @LockPickingLawyer Hi Master of the Locks, even as you pick all the locks pretty fast, I simply can't watch all your videos...sorry for that. So shortcut: Is there any padlock you can really recommend? I mean for normal joe's use, not Fort Know of course?

  • wouldn't this warrant a new model number? am i going crazy? the answer to that question is yes but probably not because of a yale lock.

  • I have a feeling these lock companies only keep putting out “upgraded” locks so that they can try to stump the lockpicking lawyer

  • Nice that the average thief has no idea about counter rotation much less actually individually picking a lock open, what a great step in the right direction.

  • He actually had to pick it instead of just jiggling it or forcing it, and he took more than 30 seconds to get it open (granted, while he was explaining what he was doing). Still, that's better than the vast majority of locks he looks at. Maybe not 'high' security, but at least it is some.

  • YALE: Now it's personal!

  • Hidden agendas

  • Requires some skill to open....does that mean it's a good one?

  • Thanks for making these videos, and keep on giving suggestions how they can improve their products. Really enjoy these.

  • I don't understand why companies can't just raise the price a dollar and include all security pins. It can't possibly cause that huge of a price difference.

  • So in the end, it still a pos lock, got it.

  • How lol

  • "Click out of one, click out of two. Omae wa mou shindeiru!"

  • Locksmith- imma make a really good lock and sell it for god price. LPL- Let me buy one. Locksmith- *nervously waits for LPL new video*

  • Yale stock just went up, it requires skill to pick so only keeps out honest thieves! Awesome video again LPL!

  • I'm not sure if that was a fluke or not.

  • 27 seconds to pick which, on the LPL scale, is "nearly impossible to pick".

  • New High Security lock from Yale ... LPL opens it in less than 30 seconds hahaha

  • Can this lock be bypassed with a simple shank like some of its American counterparts with similar design?

  • "Only security pins left" Only had to set pin 3... So they added a single security pin?

  • Lock makers: "We've got the best, most secure lock in the world". Also Lock makers: "Damn it, LPL got his hands on another one of our locks".

  • So basically all our trust in buying basically any lock is placed in the fact that only a minuscule number of people have any skill 😵

  • I’m in my mid thirties and never entertained the thought of picking a lock. One week into The Lock Picking Lawyer and I’ve never wanted to pick a lock so badly in my life. You make it look so easy. Lol

  • Watching the LPL open a lock like this is like watching Bugs Bunny go up against Daffy Duck. His winning is a foregone conclusion and you're left with a nagging feeling that he stretched it out so it wasn't over too quick.

  • That's cool they improved it. It would be neat in a video like this if you showed the old technique (raking) working on your older model but failing on the newer model. Unrelated: is there a playlist or video of locks you do recommend?

  • Takes a special kind of pro to make this kind of thing look simple. 'At least now it takes some skill' as if he didn't just pick it in about 15 seconds


  • Watching the LPL pick these locks is like watching someone picking safes in Fallout 3 on easy mode... ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/3YaElI14sIm3lXY

  • Ouch

  • My concern with the lock is how quickly you opened it... 😂

  • Can we have a video of all locks you have

  • I'm impressed. Thanks!

  • Question. Why do you call it "bottom of the keyway"? You seem to be insurting it in the top.

  • What do you mean by counter rotation?

  • The lockpickers that don’t like you are part of the lockpickingloser squad

  • I will buy this lock for one of my barn's gate. It's affodable and LPL said it quite tough to pick. To be honest i'm using Master Lock for years. What do you expect? They are everywhere and cheap. There are some good locks, but too expensive.

  • Lpl saying “nice click on one, 2 is binding” is the same energy when you’re at a dentist check up and they are all up in your shit saying “12 has a resin, 13, 14, 15 has a resin”.

  • The number 3 at the end actually gave him some trouble my god he might actually be human

  • I would like to see more videos on lock security using common tools, like pliers, pipe wrenches, screwdrivers etc. I don’t think the common thief carries a set of lock picking tools.

  • Yale: celebrating their lock now takes 15 seconds to open. Even though they have over 4 decades invested into designing and construction locks. Fuck me

  • Before I watch these videos I look at the time stamp. I saw 2;09 minutes and knew it was not going to be difficult.

  • “At least now this one requires some skill” Picked it in 15 seconds. So thats what 100 lockpick skill looks like.

  • Came here because curiosity, subscribed solely due to comments

  • I swear that you could figure out the US nuclear launch codes and fit it into a 2 minute video with a 1 minute and 30 sec explanation

  • Please do the burg watcher 444/70

  • Thank you LPL, I just picked my first lock! A Master n°130, with really nasty tools.... Hello from France!

  • Hey LPL, have you ever opened a Xiaomi "Yeelock"? I tried searching on your channel, but due to Xiaomi being a chinese brand, there's a fair amount of rip-off rebrands, and am curious how well it actually holds up (it's a fingerprint lock so I don't have high hopes)

  • Now, is it susceptible to Urethane Mallet attacks?

  • Apa ini 👻

  • imagine there a robber has skill as good as him , the world would be in danger

  • This guys a beast

  • This dude could be a bank robber and he would be unstoppable

  • idk if you have answered this question before, but are there any locks that you would actally reccomend for resistance to picking and brute force?

  • I can predict the future, he’s going to say, “okay folks” in his next video

  • Dear lock picking lawyer I am watching all my old favorites from tv and knowing from you how to pick a lock the right way every time the Mentalist picks a lock I cry a bit on the inside.

  • So, did he get the stuff made here lock?

  • All the lock makers are crying 😢

  • @LockPickingLawyer Pssssst!!!! You and Bill should test it on the Range... LOL!!!

  • What home safe do you recommend

  • I have a message for you video 797. dec. 8 2018

  • Every lock every apparatus that you encounter and film a video for it's always the same thing you take apart you pick the lock apparatus in a classroom desk setting I would like to see you do that in a real world setting what I mean by that is if a lock is connected to a bike or a door whatever let me see you pick it on that terms I suspect it would be a lot slower process and not as easy at the very least so why don't you show us what you can really do put it into a real world setting and shows what you can do

  • Very educational and stimulating but there's one thing I've noticed time and time again with your videos

  • I enjoy your videos on your content

  • I made my surveys on guys who leave a dislike to LPL, They all are afraid locks.

  • Looking back at ep 412, his skills here have improved significantly.

  • At least it takes some skill. Here I'm trying to open the same lock for 20 minutes...

  • Dear LockPickingLawyer, could you be so kind to tell me, if Hyundai Accent door/ignition lock is on your list of locks to be picked? And if no, is there any chance it will come that way? Thanks in advance!

  • 3 better be loose....

  • Why haven't you gotten to lock from 'stuff made here' yet?

  • What does it take to open a vending machine?

  • I'm wondering is there Such a combination of different security pins wich Will ruin your efforts regardles of the order you pick them at and tension. I'd imagine it would have to be a very percise made lock but yeah

  • Challenge: Pick the Kieldrecht lock, the biggest lock in world.

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  • Ok I'd like to ask, since you know the ins and outs of a lock so well. What do you use to secure your house?

  • Why don't these companies just license the design of a lock you have failed to pick? Or join together to make a lplbb security rated lock together?

  • You really should start rating the locks based on things like: Difficulty to pick Quality And Usefulness. Between 0 and 10.

  • I hope he can challenge this lock! Forever lock V3! Haha!

  • There’s probably so many burglars watching this video right now

  • One night you wake to hear: *One is binding, Two is false, 3 is binding, five is binding, four is binding.* Then you hear something open. Its your back gate. Quickly you scramble trying to find your phone and a safe place to hide. But then the back sliding door opens. You make it to your closet just before you hear footsteps coming up the stairs. As you begin to turn on your phone and dial 911 you hear *All you have to do is tention the lock and use a wafer pick to rake it open.* All of a sudden they pick open your bedroom door with no effort using a redbull can and they come straight to the closet. *Your back gate was easily susceptible to picking and your safe was pickable using a wafer.* You scream:*WHO ARE YOU WHAT DO YOU WANT* They continue.*Your bedroom door doesnt actually have any pins. Just turning it brings an extra pin out so it is not oprable.* They then leave as they came, never to be seen by you again.

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  • He sounds so different compared to his vids 3 years ago.

  • I bought a key-ed lock, I was using a combination. My nightmare is that some frustrated criminal will simply break off a piece of metal in the keyhole, making me locked out of my own bike.

  • Could have been a fluke!

  • Toughest padlock to pick or hack available to general public?....

  • I think it would have been nice if you'd tried the rake on it after saying that it's harder to rake now, just so we can see it.

  • How long before one of the major lock companies pays a good group of lawyers some money to get ILaward to shutdown this channel ???

  • 3 Millions sub special idea : you give us a tour of your collection

  • let's see if, in 4 more years from now, it'll require some more skills..

  • When he’s picking the lock he reminds me of a dentist

  • This channel is a SCAM I've seen tons of videos of this supposed lock picking lawyer and never have I seen him choose one

  • "Requires some skill."

  • Well it indicates medium security level on the package, looks about right.