[1277] The “WowLock” Wows... For The Wrong Reasons

פורסם בתאריך 20 אפר 2021

I’m not a fan, but if you are, here’s an Amazon Affiliate link to the WowLock: amzn.to/3eI18Vy

Video Setup

So many of you have asked about my video setup... well, this is what I use. All links below are Amazon Affiliate.

Microphone- amzn.to/2QO9CCj
Lights (5,800k setting used)- amzn.to/3aTqz5p
Light Mounts- amzn.to/3vzHB05 Camera- amzn.to/3xO4iQn
Camera Clamp- amzn.to/3eK9o7r
Camera Mount- amzn.to/334fCcD
Clamps for Camera \u0026 Light Mounts- amzn.to/2SfIqwF
Background- amzn.to/2PHg4L5


  • The name for that lock needs to be changed to, "Wow What A Piece Of Shit Lock."

  • I said a genuine wow the second time it opened. Jeez

  • Wow

  • I have never been interested in locks or lock picking, but all of a sudden I am a regular viewer of the lock picking lawyer…

  • Wow... I'm not surprised lmao

  • I till think he's cheating every time he picks a lock

  • a thief who has no know how of the lock wouldnt just randomly strike it with a mallet so its wrong to say the lock provides no protection at all.

    • @TheGigaBrain I would beg to disagree. For the common man such highly skilled thief's are a rare occurrence. If the thief was so highly skilled he would probably be breaking into something more serious

    • A thief who knows how locks work-and their common vulnerabilities-might, however. Relying on security through obscurity is generally not a great idea if you have an alternative.

  • Is there any finger print lock that can't be banged open

  • I mean, if it wasn't so easy to tap it open you could see this being used as a luggage lock or something, more to discourage/indicate tampering rather than actually securing anything. As is it's pretty much entirely useless

  • This has realley WOW effect

  • LPL calls Mullet Mullet Used - whack attack - Super effective

  • New security measure for all smart locks - they open when they hear the phrase 'This is the Lockpicking Lawyer'. He still opens them before the lock opens itself.

  • I have so much respect for LLP I was trying to figure out what he was exploiting when covering the sensor only to realize that he was doing it to show he wasn’t cheating. ❤️❤️❤️ I love this channel.

  • Love your vids

  • it's not often that i feel genuine pity for an inanimate object, but...

  • I wonder if he even needs the hammer, or can the lpl karate chop it open?

  • Wow

  • "Wack Attack" 😂😂😂

  • WOW

  • Wow.

  • You could open it by accident if you dropped it or bumped it with something lol

  • You know it's bad when he says "ok folks, as you can see"

  • someone needs to make an "Okay folks" playlist for all the bull crap locks that don't last more than 2 seconds on this channel

  • You could literally just smack it holy

  • Wow..

  • Watch me make a lock called "world's worst lock" and it turns out it's unpickable and unbreakable.

  • Is it protected against a rapping attack, Let's bring in Doctor Dre

  • The real challenge is not hitting your fingers with that sharp strike of the mallet.

  • I wonder if it can be shimmed

  • Secret is the tape had a fingerprint on it. Like in spy movies. The hammer was just to cover for him to squeeze the tape into the reader.

  • Wow.

  • Actually the hammer is the original Backup Tool provided in case the fingerprint does not work, so nothing special here

  • Wow

  • "I'm gonna pick this lock with a hammer!" HOW? :O *SMACK* you can just do that!?!?!?

  • A "please don't steal my stuff" sign would work better. At least it's polite and appeals to someone's moral fortitude. Also, much cheaper.

  • Wow.

  • LPL with the most accurate non clickbait Thumbnails. I loooove it ❤

  • Lmao

  • "The WowLock provides no protection from a rapping attack." So, just spit bars at the lock and it'll open out of sheer embarrassment?

  • It's hilarious how you keep finding random tools to open these random locks

  • Forget the mallet, I'm positive you could open it just but hitting your knuckle or palm against it if you were actually interested in taking whatever was being locked. I understand why you wouldn't for personal safety and the sake of the video being consistent, though; it's just an observation I made

  • Wow

  • This product seems straight up illegal to sell 💀 the only thing that locks up is the spring mechanism!

  • Wow...

  • WOW! That lock sucks!

  • *_WOW THAT'S SO BAD!_*

  • „We open WOW LOCK“

  • Dogelock much wow!

  • ﴾֎﴿

  • Ahahaha these vids just get better and better

  • why only urethane mallet? anything else can't do this?

  • to

  • Serious question: Is there a lock you HAVEN’T been able to pick? If so, what is it?

  • Who would win: A cooperation with fingerprint sensor technology or one guy with a hammer.

  • LPL can‘t make much money from his videos, because they are so short due to him being too good at picking locks. *suffering from success*

  • What I expected: an interesting but impractical attack on the fingerprint sensor What I got: just give it a bonk

  • Great quality 😖👎

  • I think that's an ipod, not a lock.

  • Wow

  • Who carries a mallet around with them 😂

  • Wow lock!

  • Another company going out of business today. Thanks bud

  • Wow!....... that sucks......

  • It really made me say wow

  • A rapping attack you say? Let me go get Dr Dre

  • JESUS I might as well use a bread tie to secure my stuff. I think the real thing is dont fall for "new tech" and price does matter.

  • Wow! It's trash!®™

  • Wow.

  • WoW!

  • I'm buying a urethane mallet. Nuff said. 😅

  • What type of home door lock would you recommend? Or at the very least not recommend at all?

  • I like how all the promotional photos on their site are clearly photoshoped onto the various objects. The zipper one it's clearly shown in a position where if it was actually going through the second zip tab... it'd be punching through solid metal.

  • whack attack?

  • "Smart"devices - avoiding them is the smart choice.

  • "Security provided by a lock is inversely proportional to its marketing hype" burrnnnn

  • Tell me something more disappointing to a company when LPL says sternly "however"

  • Wait is he an actual lawyer

  • Manufacturers....send your locks to LPL before you release them. Fully expect the lock to be picked, but at least you'll catch bullshit like this.

  • Wow...


  • "I just want it to survive for a couple seconds"

  • a WAPing attack, Oh no

  • wowed in under 1:45 - he never disappoints^^

  • There is this thing called the yondr pouch and its meant to keep your phone in the pouch, I wanna know how it works

  • The Wow Lock... OH WOW!!! It's crap!

  • Wow lock: use your finger to unlock LPL: plastic hammer

    • not plastic but all right

  • One more time to see it wasn't a Fluke lol

  • Imgaine you're a lock designer, you spend months, maybe years engineering a creative or interesting way to secure luggage. It's a hit, the bosses love you and you're on the fast track to success in your company. Then one day you find a video on youtube less than 2 minutes long and the gentle rapping of a urethane hammer haunts your dreams and nightmares for the rest of your life. LockPickingLawyer, the angel of Death for the flawed designs of dreamers.

  • I'm guessing you could achieve the same result using the heel of your palm. Would have been interesting to see. I don't own a safe, but I've often seen them for sale in the shops and, surprisingly, about 50% of them will open with a sharp tap on the side. (Once you work out which side to hit). No tools necessary.

  • Is that the Lock Whacking Lawyer?

  • The scammers moved their lock to a new page www.amazon.com/Fingerprint-Weatherproof-Bluetooth-Thumbprint-Waterproof/dp/B092MGZWMD/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8&th=1

  • WOW what a shitty lock!


  • I can only think of that xQc meme where he screams "WOW" and then claps at light speed

  • question. is there a lock you cant pick? like the most secure lock ever sort of thing

  • His fingerprint was on the tape. I think he’s transitioning from Lockpicker to Scam Artist

  • LPL: this lock is terrible and here's why Me: yep, gotcha LPL: ...and here's a link if you want one Me: o.0

  • Damn, that lock is a royal piece of shit.

  • “This is the Lockpicking Lawyer, and what I have for you to-“ **click** “In any case, that’s all I have for you today, if you do have any questions...”

  • I instinctively Disliked the video because of how terrible the lock was and then I remembered that I was watching a review of the lock, not an ad for it