[1276] Decoded FAST: Master Lock 5415D Key Lockbox

פורסם בתאריך 17 אפר 2021

Video Setup

So many of you have asked about my video setup... well, this is what I use. All links below are Amazon Affiliate.

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  • Also Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself

  • Is there anything safe from you!?

  • He needs to make a shirt that says “I now have a box to which I do not know the combination”

  • what key safe would you use

  • This reminds me about the combination locks I learned to pick as a kid by just pulling the bar and feeling for the shift while turning

  • Sort of interesting: www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/master-lock-has-had-hold-on-industry-for-100-years-180977743/

  • Why do people in the comments feel the need to repeat exactly what they have just heard or watched?

  • This look like a lock to protect seatbelts

  • One close to 1984

  • I came across these videos some time ago and watched a few. Weeks passes by and today i accidentally managed to reset the code and lock this exact box without noticing the combination! I called different locksmiths in my area, and they all gave me the same answer: the only way to open it would be to drill it open. Thats when i remembered this channel and thought to myself, this guy probably has a video on how to lockpick this lockbox. And voilà! I just placed an order for the notched decoder and will try to lockpick the box myself when i get it :D Thanks LockPickingLawyer!

  • I would like to see if you could open a bank vault.

  • Love this self confidence.

  • Real Estate Agents and Air BnB owners don't want people to see this video...

  • WTF

  • The random number is my burth date 1983

  • I dont know hoe legal this channel is....

  • Master lock employee morale is probably right on par with their products at this point. "Daddy, what did you do today?!" "Sat under my desk with a bottle of the cheapest vodka my boss would give me" "But Daddy I..." "No, son. We don't deserve that fine Alberta stuff."

  • Omg is that the bite of 83 !!!?

  • Was that the opening of 83’!

  • in my 10 seconds of scrolling down this comment section I did not see any fnaf references (because of the first random code) so I am honored to say IS THE LOCKPICKINGLAWYER PART OF THE BITE OF 83?!?! IF NOT, CAN HE OPEN THE FNAF 4 BOX?!?!?!

  • What about those exposed hinges

  • At last ! I was waiting for this exact lock to come here : I have it on my front door since I bought my appartment... I have never been able to find the combination and this was sitting useless for nearly 3 years ! I tried decoding it with a piece of aluminium can (like him in a previous video), but I never succeeded until now, because I now know how to do it !

  • what about the pins? cn y ou get inside tha way?

  • For the sake of fairness, the process of scrambling the code and unlocking the device with a new “unknown” code should have been repeated once the device was opened with the tool, in order to avoid any further suspicions. This method is called the double blind.

  • Getting annoyed now. You used to post real content, but now you mainly select products to showcase your merch. on the verge of unsubscribing. Please stop making commercials and get back to your old format of entertainment. The products you are selecting to unlock are garbage and uninteresting. The only reason you select them is to plug your merch. Don't listen and watch your viewer figures plummet.

  • Do you recommend any lock box?

  • I would like to know what key safe his Mum or Dad has if or when they need carers coming in??

  • .......your talking is longer than the lock picking part

  • I own this. I’m not happy right now lol.

  • That is pretty embarrassing. They should have had LPL on their design review team.

  • 😲😲

  • (Sees the LPL video is 3-minute long) hum, must be a rather decent lock (2 minutes in, he hasn't event started to pick yet) ... nevermind...

  • The code is literally 1983

  • This is the strongest key lock I could find in the UK. Thanks for sharing to the criminals how to rob the elderly & venerable! My Mum is 87 and we have to have a key safe for the cares and was a requirement from the council .Shame on you for doing this. What is the alternative?

  • fnaf fans when he finds out the combination is 1983; 😱😱😱

  • Hey I have that on my front door! (Please don't Rob us)

  • I'm going to give this a good scramble needs to be on a shirt

  • Nice

  • So close to 1984

  • Dude I've been picking as a hobby for yopears but you amaze me

  • Why do I feel like he's the Guild Master of the Thieves Guild reaching out to new recruits via ILaward? At this point, I'm just waiting on my Nightingales Armor in the mail...

  • Is it ok to feel special because he gave this lock my birthdate year? :D

  • These videos are the oddest things I go to sleep to. Dude just has that Mr. Rogers calming tone that sends me right to sleep.

  • How come when you scrabbling the lock your hands are green screened on?

  • Zinc, huh? I bet it would be fun to put that on a weber grill and time how long it takes to melt into a puddle.

  • It would be hilarious if the combo was 1984, sadly it was 1983

  • If Master Lock has stock, we can base off our plays with his video release dates :D

  • When you "scramble" your code wheels, can you wear finger cots? I feel as if, since you scramble so many wheel locks, your experience allows you to quickly feel the numbers engraved in the wheels, giving you a subconscious clue about where the lock mechanisms are. Tbh, I just want to challenge you further, and prevent subconscious actions from making a lock easier than what you show. BECOME THE BEST.

  • one thing I have learned from binge watching LPL. If the person knows what they are doing, no lock is safe. Oh and Master Lock is junk.

  • Why does master lock keep making shit products?

  • If 1983 isn't an omen I don't know what is

  • More like “I now have a box to which I will soon know the combination”

  • this is the lol , this is a bad lock * spits on the lock and the lock opens * that's all i have for you today if u have any questions leave them below

  • Many robbers is watching this

  • But all of his videos are with custom made tools meant specifically for the job. Would be more impressive if he picked every lock with a paper clip.

  • ok so you're a lawyer that sell's tools and shows methods for criminals to do crime (lock picking). Fucking briliant.

  • 1-9-8-3 was actually the year he was born

  • The code wheels might be rubbish but the lock body is tough ; )

  • Next video : Decoded Fast: *2021 Lockdown*

  • Anyone know how i order his stuff?

    • Are you f-ing kidding???? There is literally ONE line in the video description and it is a link to his store....

  • subscwibe

  • I just found out that he is an actual lawyer who picks locks.

  • who is still waiting for the Stuff lock?

  • Wow and we put so much trust in our locks.... Like dam

  • Do you have tip and tricks for suitcases. Last time i travel because must swape planes I accidentally changed the code when put my laptop back.

    • @AloPandur yes 3-4 codes. There must be a easy way then spend hours to find the right code

    • Those are usually 3 or 4 digits combination locks, right? A bit of patience and within 15-30 minutes you can try every digit combination to open your suitcase...

  • 83' coming in cinemas

  • LPL can do the intro, show the lock and wrap it up.... We all know he will pick that lock

  • I’ve been binge watching you for a week straight my boy, gracias for the new satisfying videos. I’m currently watching the naughty bucket chronicles! We need a part 2!

    • I have this realized probably after two years you can demolish any of those locks in under a minute I retract my statement 🤣

  • 1983? one year too early

  • Question... If I took my house key and a 2nd identical key and used a triangle file to cut the keys @ a reverse 45 degre anglr somewhere midways down the keys and inserted the forward half,how hard would it be to get through my lock ?? Easier or harder ??

  • Can i have the list of lock he doesn't be able to open please hahaha

  • This company should rename itself to Rookie Lock

  • A lawyer helping people to steal your crap. Do you defend the scumbags who get caught after you teach them how to break into people’s houses?

  • When’s the bank vault video?

  • Do you have any suggests for locks that are good, I’ve purchased a lot but they’re not that good, I’ve also found some of the locks I purchased on your ILaward channel.

  • So are there ANY lock boxes that are actually hard to pick?

  • One day, archeologists will find a lost vault, and spend weeks trying to open it, only to find LPL already inside.

  • So the lock sucks because someone might have bought a special tool to defeat it. Pretty sure it loses to a hammer too which is about 1000X more likely. Do you really buy this thinking it is impenetrable?

  • Just wanted to say... Robert, I loved the Holographic doctor character you played in Star Trek Voyager!

  • LPL is the type of person who would drive after the person who stole his car keys

  • Locks should come with a 4 digit LPL rating. The digits representing the number of seconds it took LPL to open it.

  • “Heavy duty”? More like “Heavy doody”.

  • Can you do one of these? www.amazon.co.uk/LuTuo-bicycle-motorcycle-security-protection/dp/B07ZRFZLXJ

  • This channel has to be followed by every thief with an internet connection.

  • does he ever recommend good locks? as in "here are my top 5 locks for such and such" New to his channel

  • After watching so many of your lock picking videos im wondering why You don't make a LOCK

  • Imagine if an escape room let LPL try to solve the whole room only using lockpicking within a slightly longer time limit

  • 1983, my YOB!

  • I wish there were an LPL mod in skyrim. And a dlc too...

  • C'mon LPL....enough with the garbage locks, you've made your case already. You can open cheap locks. And i can appreciate what you're doing. BUT, it would be nice to see you struggle on something above your skill set, along with your troubleshooting methods. So far you have convinced me of 1 thing, the best lock is a gun.

  • I am beginning to wonder if this guy even has keys for anything. Just picks the lock. No need to worry about a lost key or combo.

  • I am beginning to wonder if this guy even has keys for anything. Just picks the lock. No need to worry about a lost key or combo.

  • Made in Communist China

  • I’m very interested to find out which locks you recommend. Are any safe?

  • Was in Home Despot today in the garden center. They had the propane tanks in a cage secured with Master 4 wheel combo locks. Looked very shimmable and flat spot susceptible.

  • This is the lockpick... ... and it's open. ;)

  • Has he ever done a lock picking video of the lock in Elder Scrolls?

  • Ok but what about good locks?

  • Dear LPL, I saw how *ez* you open locks. I thought if you could recommend some fingerprint locks for the door. I would reaaally appreciate it! (Btw ur the best youtuber❤️)

  • some time key brakes inside . How do we open lock after that?