[1275] 40-Year-Old Flaw In A New Lock (Reset Round Body Padlock)

פורסם בתאריך 16 אפר 2021

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  • The name is Reset. True to name they reset the original problem!

  • Oh well that's just lazy!

  • Also Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself

  • Are any locks reliable?

  • "And I ordered several of their products for 'evaluation'" Just say public humiliation

  • I never noticed until today. On most of his videos his intro+outro are LONGER than the time it takes him to defeat most locks he comes across.

  • Lpl: the back of the core isn't shielded me, who's never picked a lock: ameture mistake

  • Does LPL have a list of locks that he does recommend purchasing? I feel like everything sucks, locks are basically just for appearances these days.

  • Does your wife like your small tool?

  • To be fair, they do advertise right on the lock the tool needed to open it.

  • Is there a video where this actuator is shown as it sits in the lock? I took one apart and it doesn't seem to want to go back together. Even just a picture or still-frame of it's orientation would help. Thanks if so.

  • I have some gold behind this safe in Kentucky, how do you open a vault?

  • Dude are you a god or something?

  • ''I'm going to insert my tool in the hole.'' The April fools innuendo still petering out.

  • When you look away to respond to a text and when you look back the lock is already opened

  • This man just murdered a new company in less than 2mins. And they fucking deserved it.

  • omg that's hilarious! LPL didn't even need to pick it to get it open

  • Foora Locks review should it strong

  • After a marriage LPL: "Let's get some tension here"

  • Is that the same lock they gave you for winning best lockpicker? Looks like it.

  • The not so great reset.

  • Bottom line, don’t buy knockoff locks from Amazon. That’s hilariously sad. Worse yet people paid money for those.

  • so whats a good lock that no one can pick?

  • Wokoggg

  • Dado irrr

  • 2728173617

  • First

  • Your channel has me questioning if it’s even worth ever buying locks at all 😥 How are they all so bad?!

  • Lock company: ...Pickproof LPL: And I took that personally

  • Where's the "Not A Fluke" t-shirt?

  • So many double entendres.

  • Better go Reset your company branding and name after this video lol.

  • "No one will notice if we skim on a piece of metal."

  • I've watched so many of your videos, as soon as I heard "the back of" I knew what the flaw was and how to open it. Love it.

  • 0:43 giggity... 🤣

  • Locks so bad he has to pick them twice to make the picking longer than the outro.

  • Dude I love the accent, where you from 😃

  • This is one of the most funny ILaward Channels.

  • How the American lock 700

  • I really don't get it. The people that make these locks must know about these issues. Why not just make a decent product?!

  • That means you can open this lock with a micro golf driver... or that is what it looks to me

  • The "tool like this" looks like a mini golf club

  • Everybody gansta till it’s actually a fluke

  • Wow

  • This guy has to bë under FBI watch by now

  • you know it’s a shitty lock when the ENTIRE VIDEO is shorter than a minute 30

  • I like to insert my tool right into the keyhole to hit the actuator, too.

  • I have yet to see him come up against the law he cannot open

  • I can't even open my lock that fast with its key..

  • Capitalists in theory: "it breeds innovation." Capitalists in reality: "Let's resell a decades old product under a new name and hope no one notices."

  • He should make his own lock fixing any flaws he finds in other locks

  • Oh China, you do love to copy.

  • Quality channel with quality commentators. As always have a nice day

  • Oh my god...:( Please advise me a good lock for my motorcycle...

  • Nice

  • Maybe the design flaw is there because that design's patent is expired, while the fixed design's is not?

  • There appears to be a security breach within the "core concept" of security devices. It's an industry that professionally fails itself with every product it pushes unto consumers for a quick profit.

  • Somewhere a tiny man is missing his golf clubs

  • Is there a lock you can't pick ?

  • fluke no chance....

  • I m very poor can you teach ME.

  • Cheap Chinese knock-off - it's surprising they didn't leave the original's name and number markings in the design. I've seen industrial valves from China at industrial expositions that did exactly that. In my experience, China has not had an original idea in thousands of years.

  • That quality ... the lock is already scratched like hell

  • It looks like hardly any of those lock companies ever makes use of any of those 'security experts'.

  • A Master Lock version of this lock will be available soon.

  • Chinese innovation ?!.. Ahh... those two words cant even go together ...

  • Everybody talking about zero-day exploits ... Here comes the mighty forty-year exploit! Have you tried comb-picking?

  • When he says ok folks, you know he's about to roast the company

  • Let’s make a deal I’ll watch your videos and you stay away from my house

  • Honestly, if it was fixed 40 years ago they might have hoped nobody would try this anymore. On the other hand, this would be like NOT trying 1234 as a pin.

  • When you copy the homework but the answers were wrong

  • I LOVE thees Videos

  • Reset just wanted to faithfully recreate the lock lol.

  • Man: "I lost my key, what should I do?" LPL: "Here is a mini golf club to open it"

  • Damn, I just had to replay the video. I blinked the first time.

  • I wonder if thief’s are watching these videos. 🤔. I hope that the demonstration of flaws to these locks, won’t be held against Mr. lock picking lawyer in a court of law.

  • skipped 1:13 pog

  • What happens if he runs into a lock that he doesn't know every aspect of the mechanism of?

  • When the introduction takes longer than picking the actual lock. Take a hard pass!

  • 1 min 31 seconds... oh boy, Reset you are fu*ked :D

  • It was not a fluke!

  • Is it just me or does the tool LPL used, look like a golf club for a smol mouse.

  • "I'm going to insert my tool right into the back of the keyhole" This is like an April fools 2.0 in a way

  • Alright LPL, I think by now we all know, *it was not a fluke...*

  • Your clearly doing this the wrong way.... ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/zmyp0J6bt52sdXY

  • What's the name of that tool used in the video?

  • As always, outstanding content

  • It's like copying another persons homework, name and all.😂

  • Dude you’d make a great thief

  • I guess the name RESET means they're taking it back to primitive lock technology.

  • He really just inserted his tool into the key hole...

  • It is genuinely baffling to me that someone might have the knowledge and backing to set up complex factories able to cheaply mass produce locks yet still be unable to search for or even ask for design help. The fact that most viewers will know how to solve this flaw inside less than a second really highlights just how little they care about their products. Unfortunately that seems to be a common flaw with the majority of the security industry (by sales).

  • Very interesting video. Sydney Trains in NSW Australia use a very similar lock, built by Master. One key opens thousands of locks over the network. Also the lock must be returned to the closed position before the key can be removed

  • so it's the same type of stando

  • "Not having seen my videos is simply inexcusable in a lock sold today..."

  • The rounded notches in the shackle suggest it's probably got ball bearings and can't be shimmed, right? I feel like shimming and this actuator trick are kind of on the same "level" in terms of lock bypass techniques, so it's silly that the lock is hardened against one exploit but not another fairly similar one. It would be like adding security pins to a lock but still leaving it susceptible to combing.

  • Sounds like a Chinese product tactic.

  • i wonder if the guy that said, "that was just a fluke" now feels proud that he makes you demonstrate its not a fluke in every video....

  • 1:32. This is gonna be brutal.

  • "Capitalism brings innovation!" capitalism: