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This channel aims to educate consumers about weaknesses and defects in security devices so they can make better security decisions. It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: do not use any of the information presented in my videos for illegal purposes.

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Please note that I do not recommend locks, nor do I provide assistance in opening them. For advice getting started in locksport, I recommend the “University” at LockLab.com. For all other inquiries, email me (channel name at gmail). One final note - I usually receive over one hundred emails each day, and though I spend a couple hours a day answering emails, I can’t answer them all. Apologies in advance if your email is one that slips through the cracks.



2:52[1307] BMW 3-Series Door Lock Picked
[1307] BMW 3-Series Door Lock Pickedצפיות 370 אלפייום לפני
1:32[1306] Decdeal Fingerprint Padlock Jiggled Open
[1306] Decdeal Fingerprint Padlock Jiggled Openצפיות 357 אלפייום לפני
1:53[1305] This Gun Safe Is Hard NOT to Open! (Onnais)
[1305] This Gun Safe Is Hard NOT to Open! (Onnais)צפיות 1.2 מיליוןיום לפני
3:19[1304] Analyzing a Vintage Iwata Padlock
[1304] Analyzing a Vintage Iwata Padlockצפיות 355 אלפי2 ימים לפני
2:00[1303] Testing the “Ultra Slash Resistant” FlexSafe (AquaVault)
2:10[1302] Amazon Special: Mutilated Turkish Keys w/ Generic Chinese Lock
2:20[1301] The Key is the Best Attack: Construction Cores
[1301] The Key is the Best Attack: Construction Coresצפיות 491 אלפי8 ימים לפני
2:11[1300] Picked FAST: SteelCore Locking Security Strap
[1300] Picked FAST: SteelCore Locking Security Strapצפיות 427 אלפי8 ימים לפני
10:35[1299] Unpickable Locks From Stuff Made Here
[1299] Unpickable Locks From Stuff Made Hereצפיות 4.9 מיליון15 ימים לפני
2:26[1298] “Amazer” Fails To Amaze: Combo Bike Lock Decoded
[1298] “Amazer” Fails To Amaze: Combo Bike Lock Decodedצפיות 486 אלפי15 ימים לפני
3:00[1297] The Stakes Are High... And Tasty (Bottle Puzzle Lock)
[1297] The Stakes Are High... And Tasty (Bottle Puzzle Lock)צפיות 982 אלפי15 ימים לפני
1:41[1296] Slashing Loctote’s “Slash Resistant” Bag
[1296] Slashing Loctote’s “Slash Resistant” Bagצפיות 1 מיליון15 ימים לפני
2:20[1294] Obsolete When Introduced... in 1927: Schlage Wafer Core
[1294] Obsolete When Introduced... in 1927: Schlage Wafer Coreצפיות 367 אלפי22 ימים לפני
7:01[1293] PacLock’s Cone-Shaped Drill Defense
[1293] PacLock’s Cone-Shaped Drill Defenseצפיות 2.1 מיליון22 ימים לפני
3:00[1292] Lesson: Don’t Copy Master Lock (Reset Combination Lock)
[1292] Lesson: Don’t Copy Master Lock (Reset Combination Lock)צפיות 456 אלפי22 ימים לפני
2:41[1290] Costway Hotel Safe Jiggled Open
[1290] Costway Hotel Safe Jiggled Openצפיות 277 אלפיחודש לפני
4:58[1289] This Lock Is Indisputably “Pickproof”
[1289] This Lock Is Indisputably “Pickproof”צפיות 2 מיליוןחודש לפני
2:04[1288] A Veneer Of Security: Yale 221B Padlock Picked
[1288] A Veneer Of Security: Yale 221B Padlock Pickedצפיות 286 אלפיחודש לפני
2:35[1287] Anti-Theft Bag Claim: “Almost Impossible” To Cut (Prokevlock)
2:04[1286] “Grand Theft Auto” Cash Deposit Bag Picked
[1286] “Grand Theft Auto” Cash Deposit Bag Pickedצפיות 543 אלפיחודש לפני
2:11[1285] Abus Bordo Lite Folding Bike Lock Picked (Model 6055)
[1285] Abus Bordo Lite Folding Bike Lock Picked (Model 6055)צפיות 255 אלפיחודש לפני
2:11[1284] 1990’s GE Internet Lock Picked
[1284] 1990’s GE Internet Lock Pickedצפיות 436 אלפיחודש לפני
4:48[1283] A Lock Picking Game Changer?
[1283] A Lock Picking Game Changer?צפיות 1.8 מיליוןחודש לפני
1:48[1282] As Seen On Shark Tank: The BenjiLock
[1282] As Seen On Shark Tank: The BenjiLockצפיות 920 אלפיחודש לפני
2:36[1281] My EDC Knife vs. “Slash Resistant” Portable Safe
[1281] My EDC Knife vs. “Slash Resistant” Portable Safeצפיות 2.3 מיליוןחודש לפני
1:41[1279] “CrabLock” Opened In Surprising Way
[1279] “CrabLock” Opened In Surprising Wayצפיות 519 אלפיחודש לפני
2:10[1278] Yale’s Improved Model Y114/60 Padlock
[1278] Yale’s Improved Model Y114/60 Padlockצפיות 302 אלפיחודש לפני


  • Great a lock that kills a person that doesn't fumble their keys

  • That keypad got stage fright! … “Not the LPL?…. Noooooo…. *[click]*…. Oooops!”

  • The buttons also look like they could be accessed and pressed with a flat tool

  • I don’t have any juice bottles, but I do have an empty redbull can? 😂👍

  • You know the man is watching who you sell these tools to lol

  • I won't be impressed until LPL can open locks with just an intense stare.

  • In what world does cnn have more subs than LPL.

  • I have picked a number of (easy) locks using paper clips and things, it would be interesting to see you do a video with only found objects or hand made stuff.

  • “Let’s do that one more time to assert my absolute dominance over this lock.”

  • Let's see here ground-floor window it won't open enough for you to get out during a fire so you just sit there and burn Right no no no get up throw the damn chair through the window

  • Sounds like an old printer.

  • So my ground-down hacksaw blade and wiper insert ain't gonna work on this? I thought LPL was going to pick it with a couple of paperclips. So disappointed...

  • A nuclear missile lock... LPL: Hold my beer

  • The knife is a bit OP imo. Most criminal scum wont buy a $259 combat knife made of M390 & 6AL4V Titanium. In the real world you will be stabbed before the bag.

  • could you do something on the Ford F-Series locks cause a lot have been broken into like my truck. here’s a video on what i’m thinking. ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/uH-JvKN2rKyvoqQ

  • Looks like the flat lip is shaved down on one side of the reciever being used.

  • A question when I put a log inside a deep like deep20cm and 2 cm wide hole u need to surpase that with ( a long key or an key out on a longer handle) would u have a chance to pick it with ur tools

  • While clearly easy to pick I do think it serves its general purpose which is to prevent accidental use, no gun lock would ever stop a thief since a gun is portable by design and therefore lock can be taken off later at leisure.

  • science with LockPickingLawyer :D

  • Try a real Master Lock: Sometimes, a cheap copy might be made with "looser" tolerances. In general, I'd recommend trying to pick a lock yourself before using it for anything "important". I have a lock that I kept just to pick it for fun, but I never use it because it's too easy to pick. :D

  • Careful not to damage it, uses it for a collaboration with braille

  • Disk detainer core but no pick that you and BosnianBill made :(

  • That is the coolest key I've ever seen

  • Why are you a lawyer and Not a lock designer

  • I used to work at a car auction that sold a lot of repossessed cars, and our on site locksmiths would use these tools to A) open up the cars that came in with no key and B) make new keys for said cars.

  • I’m looking for a good and secure way to lock my toolbox but I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg any ideas.

  • To be fair that curious adolescent might have come here first

  • someone tell me what lighter that is, I've been looking for it for a year now!

  • Spreading this kind of knowledge and selling these tools raises the price of safety by so many fold, absolute evil. Most locks are fine and protective against non genius thieves, they cut the noise, but now, even and R worded one can have results. I'm i wrong?

  • need one that tells you pressure coming out, can get digital and analogue readouts , it yoy get up to 10 tonne of force its when you want to hide, i was pressing a bearing out once and punched a hole through a breeze block wall when the casing shattered . scary how much force you can get on something

  • I love your business model. Teach common people how to pick locks, wait for said persons to fall on hard time to test their core of decency, wait for them to commit the crime with ‘covert instruments’, then represent them in their felony cases. Corporate America 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  • Im gonna try this with my neighbours M3

  • Doesn't this ignore the matter of immobilisers ... So, just access to the interior is provided then.

  • This looks incredibly unwieldy. It weighs half of the weight of the actual bike and probably costs about the same.

  • My 3 series mysteriously disappeared after this video...

  • This one is better : www.banggood.com/Unlocking-Locksmith-Practice-Lock-Pick-Key-Extractor-Padlock-Lockpick-Tool-Kits-p-1651816.html?rmmds=detail-topright-recommendation&cur_warehouse=CN&ID=6287727 if its made with the same metal

  • How about lock modifications that snag tools like this *just a thought for security* There has to be some spring mechanism that could make it impossible for these to work

  • Woman moment!

  • I get the feeling you could have opened that one with a lolly pop stick…

  • Okay… glad the car has an alarm fitted

  • on the bright side, if i ever got one with a relay, i know to move the relay somewhere else.

  • Meh. Needed a very unique set of tools to pick the definitely wouldn’t be in a lockpicking toolkit. I would recommend if you don’t mind the hassle. I still call locks that need *very* unique tools unpick able. Don’t tell me someone would go to rob a house with long pliers and another pair of pliers along with scissors and sandpaper, let alone the creativity to figure out how the lock works.

  • > Sees “defeat by feminism” THE LEFT GOT TO LPL!!!

  • I thought this channel is related with lock picking not cutting

  • The day will soon come when *stuff made here guy* will make an unpickable lock and LPL would declare by himself.....

  • I could open it with two paper clips

  • For someone who seems to be an expert level picker, I’m not sure if LPL can speak to the skills of beginner or even intermediate level pickers at this point

  • So will you ever use basic tools again like you used to or are you forever just gonna shill shit you sell on your website now?

  • For those who are not spanish speakers... "Caca" literally means: "Shit"

  • So it’s a $285 paper weight haha.

  • This is a serious lock!

  • ohw boy ohw boy ohw boy.... lockpickers rubbing hands and grinning... Isn't it just easier to manually lift the right side and bend it out the steering wheel? Those steering wheels are kind'a bendable.

  • I have this exact model in my car, I hate this video now

  • The only way for master lock to successfully lock the LPL out of anything would be to brick up the door. Yet I still think LPL would be able to pick the wall haha.

  • These work in UK

  • Brought to you by the forced slave labor camps, Uighur people?

  • i pronounce it as "ace line"

  • They should make better locking mechanism before starting to invent any stinking trap... BTW: I must admire your lockpicking skills! Have you ever met a lock you couldn't cheat?

  • This is the channel where the criminals how to unlock a lock on a gun

  • it’s Dwayne the lock Johnson

  • When your lock is actually more expensive than the thing its protecting.

  • my brother had his bike stolen last night, had a bikelock and everything..... they must be a subscriber here.

  • bottom of a soda can works good.

  • Somewhere. Nuclear rocket base: -Nice click on one, nothing on two...

  • i swear this is NileReds dad

  • It isnt always the strongest locks, but the smartest.

  • but is it possible with a normal lockpick.

  • jews: "sweating profusely"

  • Always went on the latch window to unlock car doors. Yes legally on mine and my friends vehicles strange enough you might find it stupid but for some reason it seemed like a great idea that when we knew we were drinking to lock the keys in the car so we couldn't drink and drive.

  • Does anyone else here want bloopers?

  • 4:27 He is savage AF......

  • a dent puller is even quicker, then you use a screwdriver to turn the lock. defeats the factory alarm too, at least it did when I had my bimmer in the early 2000s

  • LOL that is absolutely hilarious!

  • Think about that one: You hold a lockpicking competition. How do you protect the prize against theft?

  • That tool is awesome

  • im crying!!!!!! funniest thing ive seen for ages

  • Was the lock made in China or made in Taiwan?

  • I saw how short the video was and immediately knew this wasn’t going to work

  • "Next time you [liberate a garment], now you know how to [be a comrade]."